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Simpson, Rt. ladies' boot maker, 31 Blair st.
Simpson, Robert, mason, 8 Glover street
Simpsou, Robt. D. scale and beam maker,
2 VV. Crosscausey and 13 Clerk street
Simpson, R. H. Mackay's hotel, 91 Princes st.
Simpson, Robert Graham, 9 Brown street
Simpson, Thomas, clock and watch maker, 42
George street
Simpson, Thos. S. watch and clock maker,
429 Lawnmarkec
Simpson, Thomas, baker, 10 Antigua street
Simpson, Walter (London and Edinburgh
Shipping Company), 33 Bernard street
Simpson, Rev. Wm. 30 Nicolson street
Simpson, Wm. china mercht. 6 Low market st.
— house, Playhouse close, '200 Canongate
Simpson, Mrs Andrew, 26 George street
Simpson, Mrs Colonel, 4 Melville street
Simpson, Mrs George H. 2 Henderson row
Simpson, Mrs James, 4 Park street
Simpson, Mrs M. stay maker, 10 Jamaica st.
Simpson, Mrs, 9 Meadow place
Simpson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 1 Broughton pi.
Simpson, Mrs, grocer, 16 Lauriston street
Simpson, Mrs, draper and dealer in shells, 40
Simpson, Mrs, victual dealer, 7 St Patrick sq.
Simpson, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Albany street
Simpson, Mrs, toy shop, 26 Tolbooth wynd
Simpson, M. & J. dress and straw-hat makers,
19 Home street
Simpson, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 92
George street
Simpson, Miss, milliner, 7 Castle street
Simpson, Miss, 30 St Andrew square
Simson, Archd. 27 Rutland sq.
Simson, David, teacher of drawing, 25 India st.
Simson, Geo., R.S.A. teacher of drawing, 59
North Castle st.
Simson, Jas., M.D., F.R.C.S.E. 3 Glenfinlas st.
Simson, James, accountant, 5 Picardy place
Simson, Thos. 1 West Maitland street
Simson, Wm. sec. Bank of Scotland, 9 Eton ter.
Simson, Mrs James, 13 Gayfield square
Simson, Mrs Walter, 18 Albany street, Leith
Simson, Mrs, 34 Dublin st.
Simson, Miss, boarding and day-school, 63
Great King street
Simson, Miss, seminary, 15 St Andw. st. Leith
Sinclair & Co. commission agents, drysalters,
oil and colourmen, 1 and 2 Calton street
Sinclair, Adam, A. & B. officer, 30 Kirkgate
Sinclair, Alex. 133 George street
Sinclair, Alexander, manager, Shotts Foundry,
10 Springfield, Leith walk
Sinclair, Andw. hairdresser, 7 Milne square
Sinclair, Colin, bookseller and stationer, 69
George street
Sinclair, Rev. D. M. Bonnington bank house
Sinclair, Daniel, cottage, Powderhall
Sinclair, D. janitor, High school
Sinclair, Duncan, & Sons, letterfounders,
Whiteford house
Sinclair, George L., W.S. 4 Walker street
Sinclair, James, draper, 4 Bank street
Sinclair, James, baker, 133 Canongate
Sinclair, James, mercantile accountant, Uni-
corn pursuivant, Scotch College of Arms,
7 Browu street
Sinclair, John, baker, 14 Lothian street
Sinclair, John, baker, 24 Tobago street
Sinclair, John, conjunct city clerk, City Cham-
Sinclair, John, 26 Calton hill
Sinclair, John, junior, shawl and tartan manu-
facturer, and shirt maker, 79 South bridge
— house, 10 Hailes street
Sinclair, John, corn mercht. 5 Graham street
Sinclair, Robert, assist, clerk of Session, 9
India street
Sinclair, Robt. tailor and cloth. 377 High st.
Sinclair, Robt. shipmaster, 2 George st. Leith
Sinclair, Veitch, surgeon, 12 Elder street
Sinclair, Wm. com. merchant, 20 Scotland St.
Sinclair, Wm. late merchant, 7 Brown street
Sinclair, Wm. cooper & fish-curer, 22 Giles' st.
Sinclair, William M. grocer, tea dealer, and
wine merchant, 15 Howe street
Sinclair, Wood, cooper and stave merchant,
5 Mitchell st. — ho. 3 Summerfield, Leith
Sinclair, Mrs Malm, sen., 29 Buccleuch place
Sinclair, Miss B. coal merchant, 22 Port-
Sinclair, Miss, Whiteford house
Sinclair, Misses, of Ulbster, 133 George street
Sinton, Jotin, slater, 1 W. Richmond street
Sinton, Wm. slater, 11 St Leonard's lane
Sivewright, C. K. Cargillfield, Trinity
Skae, David, M.D., F.R.C.S., Physician to
Royal Edin. Asylum, Morningside
Skae, Wm. teacher of classics, 65 Lauriston pi.
Skae, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Drumrnond street
Skaife, Mrs, 1 Henderson row
Skeen, Miss, 56 Bridge street
Skelton, John, advocate, 20 Alva street
Skelton, Misses, 20 Alva street
Skene, Major Alex, (late 24th foot), 9 Man-
sion-house road, Grange
Skene, Jas. F. advocate, 1 S. Hanover st.
Skene, William Forbes, W.S. 1 Hanover st.
— house, 20 Inverleith row
Skene, Mrs Jane, 4 Duncan street, Leith
Skene, Mrs Colonel, 18 Lyndoch place
Skiffington, John, china mercht. 109 High st.
Skill, Miss, 3 Montagu street
Skilling, Andrew M. shoemaker, 3 Helen
place, North Leith
Skilling,Jno.,& Son, bootmakers, 28, 29, & 30
Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Skinner, John Holt, 18 Carlton terrace
Skinner, Wm., W.S. 12 Forth street
Skinner, W. R., S.S.C. 8 Blenheim pi,— ho.
Marlow lodge, Murrayfield
Skinner, Mrs J. R. 5 Leopold place
Skirving, Thos. farmer, Nether Quarryholes
Slate, Misses, 20 Annandale street

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