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Moffat Place, Dalkeith
Moldart Cottage, Currie
Monkton, Musselburgh
Monktonhall, Musselburgh
Montrose Stables, Lassva'Je
Moor Park, Musselburgh
Mordun, Liberton
Morrison's Haven, Prestonpans
Morton, Liberton
Morton Cottage, Portobello
Mortonhall, Liberton
Mossend, Upliall
Mosshouses, Penicuick
Mossie Mill, Colinton
Mount Chyles, Portobello and
Mount Chassie, Lasswade
Mount Earl, Roslin
Mount Esk, Lasswade
Mounthooly, Winchburgh
Mount Lodge, Portobello
Mount Lothian, Penicuick
Mount Pleasant, Portobello
Mount Vernon, Liberton
Muirbank, Balerno
Muirburn, Kirkliston
Muirend, Kirkliston
Muirhouse, Blackball and Liber-
Muirpark, Tranent
Muldron, Whitburn
Murray Hill, Lasswade
Murrays, Ford
Muttonhole, Cramond and Ford
Myles, Tranent
Myres, Kirkliston
Nellfield, Kirkliston
Nether Deckmount, Uphali
Nether Houses, Lasswade
Nether Lenny, Cramond
Nether Liberton, Liberton
Nettlebill, Uphali
Neville Cottage, Liberton
Nevin's Knowe, Roslin
Newbattle, Dalkeith
Newbigging, Musselburgh, Uphali,
and Lasswade
Newbridge, Kirkliston
New Craighall, Musselburgh
Newfarm, Dalkeith
Newfield, Bonnyrigg, Lasswade
New Hailes, Musselburgh
Newhall, Penicuick
Newhouse, Ratho
Newhouses, Kirkliston
Newland, Kirkliston
Newlandbum, Ford
Newlandridge, Ford
Newliston, Kirkliston
Newmains, Kirkliston
Newmills, Balerno and Dalkeith
New Milton, Roslin
New Pentland, Loanhead
Newton Mains, Ratho
New Boad, Dalkeith
New Saughton, Cramond
Newstead, Penicuick
Newton, Dalkeith, Musselburgh,
Winchburgh, and So. Ferry
Newton (Easter), Kirknewton
Newton Grange, Dalkeith
Niddrie (Long), Tranent
Niddry, Liberton and Winch-
Niddry House, Prestonpans
Niddry Station, Musselburgh
Nine-mile Burn, Penicuick
Nivelle Cottage, Liberton
North Clermiston, Blackhall
North Esk Mill, Dalkeith
Northfield, Portobello and Pres-
North Gyle, Corstorphiue
Norton, Ratho
Oakleaf, Penicuick
Oakmount, Lasswade
Oatlands, Ford
Oatbridge, Uphali
Oatsley, Roslin
Old Liston, Kirkliston
Old Saughton, Corstorphine and
Olive-bank, Musselburgh
Onthank, Penicuick
Orchardfield, Kirknewton
Ormiston, Kirknewton
Ormiston, Tranent
Ormiston Hall, Tranent
Outerston, Fushie Bridge
Oxenford, Ford
Oxgangs, Colinton
Over Gogar, Hermiston
Overshiell, Kirknewton
Overtoun, Kirkliston and Kirk-
Palmyra Cottage, Portobello
Pap Inn, Penicuick
Paradykes, Loanhead
Parduvine, Dalkeith
Parkburn, Liberton
Parkend, Dalkeith
Parkend Cottage, Musselburgh
Parkhead, Slateford, Corstorphine,
and So. Ferry
Parkhouse, Portobello
Parknook, Liberton
Parson's Pool, Lasswade
Pathhead, Ford and Kirknewton
Patie's Hill, Penicuick
Pavilion House, Prestonpans
Peaseflat, Dalkeith
Peaston, Tranent
Peffer Mill, Liberton
Peggyslee, Penicuick
Peggy's Mill, Cramond
Pelton House, Cramond
Pembroke Lodge, Murrayfield
Pencaitland, Tranent
Pendreigh, Lasswade
Periston, Tranent
Pentecox, Liberton
Pentland, Roslin and Loanhead
Pentland Pathhead, Loanhead
Pick, Penicuick
Pilmuir, Balerno
Pimlers Acre, Musselburgh
Pinkhill, Corstorphine
Pinkie Hill and Mains, Mussel-
Pirnie Hall
Plaintree-shade, Penicuick
Plewlands, Boro. Muirhead
Plover Hall, Roslin and Preston-
Polton, Lasswade
Pomothorn, Penicuick
Port Buchan, Broxburn
Port Seaton, Prestonpans
Post Buchan, Uphali
Powflats, Broxburn
Preston, Ford and Prestonpans
Preston, Prestonpans
Preston Cottage, Prestonpans
Preston Grange, Prestonpans
Preston Hall, Ford and Lasswade
Prestonholm, Lasswade
Preston Lodge, Corstorphine
Priest Inch, Winchburgh
Priest Mill, Kirkliston
Primrosehill & Place, Musselburgh
Prospectbank, Lasswade
Providence Hall, Musselburgh
Pumpherston, Mid-Calder
Puncheonlaw, Kirkliston
Pyethall, Uphali
Quarryhead, Lasswade
Ramsay Lodge, Portobello
Ramslacks, Currie
Ransfield, Ratho
Ravelrig, Balerno
Ravelstone, Blackhall
Ravenshaugh, Musselburgh
Ravensnook, Penicuick
Raw Camp, Kirknewton
Redcoal, Tranent
Redhall, Slateford
Redheughs, Corstorphine and Lass-
Reid, Ford
Remote, Ford
Reservoir, Penicuick
Revelslike, Penicuick
Riccarton, Hermiston
Richmond Lodge, Portobello
Riggenhead, Tranent
Roads, Penicuick
Roddenlaw, Ratho
Rosebank, Roslin, Portobello, and
Roseberry, Fushiebridge
Roseburn, Murrayfield
Rosefield, Portobello
Rosefield Avenue, Portobello
Rose Hall, Musselburgh
RosehiB, Penicuick
Rose Lodge, Portobello
Rosemains, Ford
Rosemay, Penicuick
Rosemount, Penicuick, Portobello,
Prestonpans, & Musselburgh
Rose Park, Trinity
Roseview, Penicuick
Rose Villa, Portobello
Rosewell, Lasswade
Rosewell Dean, Lasswade
Roslin Lee, Roslin
Rumble Bank, Currie
Ryal, UphaU
Salton, Tranent
Sandydean, Lasswaae
Saughinside, Ford
Saughland Ford
Saughton Hall and Mains, Slate-
Saughton House, Cramond
Sea Beach House and Cottage,
Sea MiU, Musselburgh and Pres-
Selms, Kirknewton
Seton, Tranent
Seton, South Mains, Prestonpans

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