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Hillside crescent, great London rd.
Hillhousefield, s. Queensferry road
Hodge's court, Blackfriars' wynd
Holyrood street, Hercles street
Holyrood house, Abbey
Holly lodge, Trinity
Holyrood street, south back Canon-
Home street, Leven street
Home's close, 284 Canongate
Hope street, Princes street to
Charlotte square
Hope crescent, Annandale street
Hope street, Cassels' place
Hope street terrace, Junction
Hope's court, 45 High street
Hope park, back of Meadows
Hope park end, Buccleuch street
Horse wynd, foot of Canongate
Horse wynd, 179 Cowgate to Col-
lege street, west
*Horse wynd, 73 Giles' street
Howard place, Warriston crescent
Howe street, Heriot row
Hume's close, 101 Cowgate
Hunter's close, 129 Grassmarket
Hunter square, South Bridge and
High street
Huntly street, Canonmills
Hyndford's close, 50 High street
India street, west Heriot row
India place, Circus place
■"Industry lane, north Fort street
Infirmary street, South bridge
Inglis court, 17 West port
Ingliston street, Adam street
Innes's court, 93 Pleasance
Inverforth, Laverock bank, Trinity
Inverleithfield, Queensferry road
Inverleith house, by Stockbridge
Inverleith place, head of Inver-
leith row
Inverleith terrace, Inverleith row
Ironside court, Monteith's close
Ironside place, 69 Abbey hill
Ivy lodge, Trinity
Jack's closes, 225 and 233 Canong.
Jackson's close, 209 High street
Jamaica street, Howe street
*Jamaica street, Ferry road
James' court, 501 Lawnmarket
*James lane, Bath street
* James' place, south end Bath
Jamieson's close, 68 Grassmarket
*Janefield place, Easter road
Jessfield, Bonnington road
Jew's close, 44 Causeyside
Jock's lodge, Musselburgh road
John's place, 19 St Leonard street
*John's lane, Charlotte street
*John's place, west side Links
Johnston's close, 332 Lawnmarket
Johnstone's place, Raeburn place
■"Johnstone's street, Coburg street
Jollie's close, 595 Castlehill
Jordan place, Morningside
Jordan bank, Morningside
•Junction street, Great, south,
Kay's court, 76 Crosscausey
Keir street, Graham street
*Kemp's close, 15 Giles' street
Kerr street, Glanville place
Killiebrae, 26 West port
Kincaid's court, 159 Cowgate
King street, Little, James' street
King street, Great, Drummoud
place to Royal circus
*King's street, Yardheads
King's park, Abbey
King's place, Leith walk
King's stables, south back of Castle
Kinloch's close, 149 High street
Kinloch's close, 259 Canongate
Kinniburgh's close, 15 Grassm.
Kirkbraehead house, west of
Princes street
*Kirkgate, Leith walk to Tolbooth
Kitchin's court, 176 Cowgate
Kyle place, Norton place
Lady Lawson's wynd, Lauriston
Ladyfield place, Tobago street
Lady Stair's close, 447 Lawnmark.
Lady wynd, 25 West port
Lamb's close, 84 Crosscausey
Lamond's close, 23 Grassmarket
*Lapicide place, back of Leith Fort
Larchfield villa, Easter road
Larkfield, Queensferry road
Laverock bank, Trinity
Lauder park, 58 Causeyside
Lauriston, Teviot row to Tollcross
Lauriston terrace, Lauriston lane
Lauriston lane, Lauriston
Lauriston place, Lauriston
Lauriston street, Lauriston to
Lawnmarket, 381 High street to
Law's court, 127 Nicolson street
*Lawrie's close, 11 Yardheads
*Laurie street, 53 Constitution
Leather court, Boyd's entry
Leggat's land, Stockbridge
*Leith fort road, Leith to New-
*Leith saw mills, west of Sheriff-
Leith street, Waterloo place .to
Calton street
Leith street terrace, East Register
Leith Walk, Elm row to Leith
Leith wynd, head of Canongate
Leith mount, Queensferry road
Leopold place, Great London road
Leslie place, Deanhaugh street
Leven street, Lochrin
Lilliput, Trinity
Lindsay place, George IV. bridge
"Links, east side of Leith
*Links place, south-west corner of
Livingston's close, 18 Crosscausey
Lixmount, Trinity
■"Little Carron, Glassworks
Loch end farm, near Restalrig
Lochend's closes, 107 and 115 Ca-
Lochrin, Home street
Logan's close, 287 Canongate
Logie-mill cottage, Canonmills
Logan's court, 83 n. b. of Canongate
Logie-green, Canonmills
London road, Great, head of Leith
"London row, Albany street
London street, Drummond place
Long close, 26 Pleasance
Lord Russel place, East Sciennes
Lothian road, Princes street to
Lothian street, College street
Lovers' lane, Leith walk
Lutton place, south Clerk street
Lynedoch place, Melville place
Lyon's close, 215 High street
M'Connochie's close, 44 Cowgate
M'Dowal street, foot of Leith wy.
M'Kenzie place, west India place
M'Laren place, Leith wynd
Macneil's place, Leith walk
"Madeira place, Madeira street
■"Madeira street, west end of
Prince Regent street
Magdalene Asylum, 181 Canongate
Mainpoint, head of west port
Maitland street, west end of Princes
Maitland street, west from Atholl
place to Haymarket
Maitland street, Newhaven
Maitland place, Newhaven
Malloch's close, 73 Canongate
Malta green, St Bernard's row
Malta terrace, St Bernard's row
Manor pi. , west of Goates crescent
Mansfield place, London street
Mansion house road, Grange
Manual's court, Crosscausey
Marine villa, Leith links
Marionville, Restalrig road
Market street, Fleshmarket to
Market street, Low, above Green
Market place, Brunswick street
Mary King's close, foot of Allan's
Marshall's close, 3 Grassmarket
Mary's place, Raeburn place
Mary cottage, Trinity
Maryfield, Easter road
Mayfield, Trinity
Mayfield loan, Dalkeith road
Meadowbank, Parson's green
Meadow lodge, Meadows
Meadow pi., so. side of Meadows
Megget's court, 54 Abbey hill
Meggetland, Boroughmuirhead
Melbourne place, Lawnmarket
Melville place, opposite Charlotte
Melville crescent, Melville street
Melville street, Charlotte place to
Manor place
Merchant street, Candlemakerrow
Merchiston house, Fountaiubridge
Merchiston lodge, Boroughmuir-
Merchiston bank, Boroughmuirh.
Merchiston park, Boroughmuirh.
Merchiston castle, Boroughmuirh.
Merchant maiden hospital, Lau-
riston lane
*Merilees' close, 33 Yardheads
*Meetinghouse green, 56 Giles' st.
Meuse lane, south St Andrew st.

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