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Showing, by the Dominical Letter, the Day of the Month and Week in
any Year of the Nineteenth Century.
Explanation.— Tn the Left-hand Table are the years of the Century, and above each is the Dominical
Letter corresponding with that Tear. Then, opposite to the Month, at the foot of the Right-hand Table,
will be found a corresponding Letter, over which are placed the Days of the Month and "Week for that Month
(distinguishing the Sundays by a different type). Each Blank Space in the Left-hand Table shows the
year following to be Leap Tear ; and as every Leap Year has two Dominical Letters, the Letter above the
Blank Space must be used for January and February in every Leap Year, and for the other months, use the
Letters belonging to the respective Years.
By transposing the Dominical Letters, this Calendar would answer for any Century.

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