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■14. ,
St. Mungo-street, from Kirk-street to the High Church
's 1 ane, from dallowgate to Green entry
St. Nicholas-street, We't side Kirk-street
St. Vincent Place, from George's -Squire t» Buchanan-street
street, (West) from B.chanan-street westward
Shuttle-street, from Canon- street to George-street
Spoutmouth, Gallowgate, Nortli side
Spreull's Court, R7, Glassford-str. & lUb, Tmngate
Sidney-street, East end of Gallowgate, Norrh side
Court, 616, Argyll-stJeet, North side
Stirhng-street, from High-street to South .\lbion-street
Stirling's Square, 'Stirling-street, North side
's Road, from High John-street ;o i'owr.head toll
Stockwell, from Glassford-street to Ol-^ Bridge
Suffolk-street, from St. Mungo's lane to Kent-street
Stormont-street, East side of Maxwell-street
Tarbet-street, Deansidebrae
Taylor-street, from Rottenrow to Stirling's Road
Tontine Buildings and Court, at the Exchange
Tradeston, at the South end of the New Bridge. — 11? Streets are.
Bridge-street, Dal:-street, Ma...wcllton Place,
Center-street, Ejlinton-street, Nelson-street,
Commerce-street, King-street, Queen str. & Place,
Clyde place & Buildings, Kingston Place, West-street.
"TT^'dig-iT Place, ^cing Broomielaw ^uay
Trongat-^, from the Cross to Stockwell and Glassford-street
Turner's Court, 43, Argyll- street. South side
Tureen-street, from Gallowgate to King-street Calton
Union Place, Argyll- street, opposite Jamaica-street
Court, corner of Union Place, --irgyll-street, North side
Villafield, North end of Taylor-street
Virginia-street, from Argyll-street to Ingtam-street
Buildings, Virginia-street, West side
Court, 28, do.
Vennal, Old, from High-street to Grseme-street
New, High-street, East side, near the College
Wallace Court, Bell-street, South side
Watson's Court, 375, Gallowgate'
Weaver-street, from Rottenrow to Stirling's Road
Wellington Place, South end of the Wooden bridge
Place (North) Sauchiehall Road
Court, 22, Argyll-street
Wellington-street, Anderston walk, North side
Wilson- street, from Candleriggs to Virginia-street
Wilson's Court, 29, Argyll-street, South side
Windsor Place, Sauchiehall road

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