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POLICE OF GORBAI.S, under the maiiagfment of three
Bailiies and twelve Commissioners, chosen by inhabitants possessing
houses of £5 yearly rent, and upwards. The Barony is divided into
twelve Wards, under the inspection of the Commissioners. Daniel
M'Kenzie, Master of Police. . ■
The Watchmen to be on their stations at 10 o'clock at night, and
to continue until 5 o'clock morning, from April to September, in-
clusive; and until six o'clock from October till March, inclusive.
— The Sergeants on duty to patrole the streets alternately during
the night, to see that the Watchmen are doing their duty, the
lamps burning properly, to apprehend suspicious or disorderly per-
sons, all of which is to be entered in a book for the inspection of
the Master of Police in the morning, and the Commissioners at the
weekly board.
The funds are raised from the yearly rent of subjects, rented or
valued at £2 and under £4 sterling, yearly, 6d. per £ sterling—
£i and under £6, 8d. per do. — at £6 and under £9, lOd. per do.
— at £9 and upwards, I s. per do.
Of Places and Streets in Glasgow, and the Suburbs,
"which run as Jbllows :
Adam's Court, 97, Argyll-street, south side
Alton Court and Place, Old Veiuial
Albion-street, South, from Bell-street to Canon -street
— — — ; North, from Canon-street to George-street
Court, South Albion-street
North Albion-street
■ Buildings, George-street, North side
Alston-street, Grahamston, north from Argyll-street
Argyll-street, from Stockwell and Glassford-street to Anderstoa
Place, corner of Robertson -street
Court, G04, Argyll-street, North side
v\ntlgua Place, Nelson-street
Annuity Court, 6, York-street
Ann-street, from Jamaica-street to Oswald-street
Anderston, west end of Argyll-street. — Tlie .Streets are
Bishop street, PicadiUy-slreet,
Clyde-street, Warwick- stieet

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