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61 Insurance Companies.
prompt and certain Indemnity, without the responsibility
attaching to Societies for mutual assurance.
The Company are bound, by the Deed of Settlement, to
refer all disputed claims (where no fraud is suspected) to
the decision of arbitrators, if required by the Assured.
Life Policies of this Society may be sold, transferred, or
mortgaged, without any notice being given at the Office ;
and in all minor articles the utmost liberality will be afford-
ed to the Public, consistently with the security of the Com-
The Premiums charged by this Company on the Three
ordinary Classes of Fire Insurance are (with certain ex-
ceptions) as follow, viz.
1st Class, Is. 6d. per cent per annnra, formerly 2s.
2d do. 2s. 6d. . . . 3s.
3d do. 4s. 6d. . . . 5s.
Other Risks not falling ivithin the above Classes,
may be insured by Special Agreement.
The allowance of 10 per cent, which has been made on
the Premiums paid on Policies of seven years' standing, is
the surest proof of the unprecedented success of thi« Insti-
Independent of a reduced rate of Premium, as compared
with other Offices having a subscribed Capital, Insurer!
for the whole term of life are entitled, at the end of seven
years, to participate in the Profits with the original Sub-
scribers, either by an addition made to the amount of their
Policies, or by a reduction of their future Annual Pre-
miums, at the option of the Insurers. The Additions so
allowed at the last Septennial Division amounted, on an
average, to more than one per cent per annum on the sums
Persons insured in this Office are allowed to pass by sea
from one part of the United Kingdom to another ; and also
in time of peace, to pass in decked vessels or steam-boats,
from British to Foreign Ports, between the Texel and Brest
(both inclusive), without extra premium, or special leave of
the Directors, as is usually required.
No additional premium required from Military Men, un-
less when called into actual service.
No charge made for Entrance Money or Admission
Fees ; and none for Policies beyond the cost of the stamp.

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