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Veitch, Mrs, 10 Charlotte square
• Mrs, 6 Nelson street
■ Miss, dressmaker, 36 Queen street
Miss, dressmaker, 7 Fark street
Vere, J. J. Hope, esq. M.P. 12 Charlotte square
Vernon, Thomas, lapidary, 1 south St James street
Vert, Peter, lodgings, Wilson's court, Canongate
Vertue, Jas. factor, 20 So. bridge— ho. 18 w. Nicol. St.
William, esq. 2 Pilrig street
Vicary, John, esq. 45 Ann street
Vickers, Dr, 13 north-west Circus place
Viner, Miss, 13 Inverleith row
Vipoud, Thomas, spirit dealer, 46 Abbey hill
Waddell— see Weddell
Wade, Mrs, 24 Albany street
Wake, C. O. agent, 16 Princes street
Wale, Jas. beam and coflPee mill manufact. Paul's work
Waldie, John, grocer, 14 Hill place
J. assist, inspector of police, 9 Henry street
J. H. esq. 6 Howe street
Miss, 2 Gardner's crescent
Walker and Greig, printers, 204 High street
. and Thomson, smiths, 25 east Kose street lane
and Co. engravers & music printers, 2 N. bridge
Richardson, & Melville, esqrs, W.S. 110 George st.
A. B. cashier, N. Bank of Scotland, Logie green
. Alexander, esq. sen. 21 Jamaica street
. Alex, woollen draper, 407 Lawnmarket — house
21 Jamaica street
. Alexander, baker, Maitland place
Andrew, esq. 7 Graham street
. Right Rev. Bishop, 22 Stafford street
Captain, 3 west Newington
■ David, auctioneer and general agent. Agency Of-
fice, 56 South bridge — ho. 18 Nicolson street
Dr George, IS Elder street
Geo. merchant, Leith — ho. 13 Montgomery st.
George, military bagpipe maker, 340 Lawnmar.
James, esq. W.S. 21 Queen street
. Jas. esq. advocate and sheriff- depute of Wigton,
23 Royal circus
.las. bookseller, Horse wynd — ho. 13 Salisbury st.
Jas. printer, Old Bank cl — ho. 18 Buccleuch pi.
James, spirit dealer, 4 Canal street
James, gardener, 89 Causewayside
James, wright, 86 Rose street — house 186
James, haberdasher and hosier, 54 High street
. James, macer. Court of Session, 7 Cheyne street
^AY.ioi Gibson and Walker), 15 Portland place
Dr John, 75 George street
John (of Walker and Greig), 45 George square
John, saddler, west Maitland street
John, boot and shoemaker, 39 Hanover street
John, japanner, and clock dial manufacturer, 117
High street — ho. 19 south St James street
John, teacher, 4 Hill place
— — John, esq. surgeon, 13 Elm row

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