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Union Canal Office, Port Hopetoun
United Service Club, 14 Queen street
Kingdom Steam Packet office, Whalebrae, and
8 Waterloo place
University Printing office, Old Bank close
Ure, George Innes, esq. W.S. 5 Baxter's place
James, esq. 5 Baxter's place
Urquhart, Adam, esq. advocate, 5 St Colme street
James L. carver and gilder, 31 Elder street
John, hairdresser and perfumer, 40 George St.—
house 42
Leonard, silversmith, 7 Shakspeare square
Robert, esq. S.S.C. ] London street
Samuel, teacher, 75 Broughton steeet
Thos. spirit dealer, 7 Fountainbridge
. • Wm. accountant, 7 Henry street
William, session-clerk and kirk- treasurer of Ca-
nongate — house 179
Mr.^, lodgings, 24 Arthur street
Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 6 Charlotte place
Usher and Cunningham, brewers, 101 Cowgate
■ Andrew, and Co. wine and spirit merchants, 24
west Nicolson street
— — James, solicitor, 1 1 Brown square
. John, esq. W.S. 33 Dublin street
Utterson, James, carrier, 54 Buccleuch st.
Vair, James, bookseller, 26 Brown square
.Vallance, George, glover and breeches maker, 11 west
Register street ""^
— ^ Thomas, baker, 166 Pleasance
Valentine, James, esq. S.S.C. 20 Pitt street
Mrs, grocer, 5 Young street
Vannet, James, linen manufacturer, 193 Canongate
Vans, Adam, cabinetmaker, 22 Blair street
Hen. Stewart, esq. advocate, 44 Northumberl. st.
Vaughan, Mrs, 190 Rose street
Veitch, Lieut. A. 2 Salisbury square
— — George, merchant, 5 Buccleuch place
. George, overseer, St Cuthbert's, 25 Lauriston st.
■ James, esq. advocate, 22 Howe street
. James, spirit dealer, 39 Frederick street
i James Seton (of Commer. Bank), 5 Buccleuch pi.
. John, accountant of Excise, 5 Buccleuch place
. .John, (merchant, Leith,) 12Cassels place
John, builder, 180 Pleasance
. T. Loughman, esq. 22 Howe street
' Thomas, baker, Johnston's place
■■ Walter, spirit dealer, 413 High street
Walter, lodgings, St Bernard's row
. William, lodgings, 44 Frederick street
Wm. macer of Exchequer court, west Norton pi.
mmmm Mrs David, baker, 37 Clerk street

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