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193 mRt:cToEY. TRXi
TotUjMrs (of Female Instil ntio7i), 6 west Nicolson st.
rodman, Robert, esq. 9 Argyle square
Torphichen, Dowager Lady, of Cramond, 10 Charl. sq.
Torrance, Dr Alexander, surgeon, 10 George street
; Alexander, cowfeede'r, 14 llichmond place
j David, esq. 51 Hope-park-end
G. M'Miken, esq. of Kilsaintninian, 28 George sq.
\ George, baker, 4. Northumberland street
; James, accountant of Excise, 32 Rankeillor st.
I John, baker, 36 Buccleuch street
jj Rob', tinplate-worker and oilman, 60 Nicolson st.
VVilUara, supervisor of Excise, 29 Gilmour place
, ]\Irs D. 32 Rankeillor street
Misses, straw-hat makers, 63 Nicolson street
Torrie, Thomas Jamison, esq. advocate, 21 Royal circus
Torry, Alexander, tailor, 13 Rose street
Tough, David, painter, 26 Rankeillor street
William, smith, 63 St Leonard's street— ho. 69
Mrs John, lodgings, 14-2 High street
Tower, Mrs, 4 Shandwick place
Town Clerk's Office, City Chambers
Townsend, Francis, engraver and enameller, 10 south
CoUege street
I W. and Co. harp and piano-forte makers, Elder
I street hall
I W. (of Townsend S^- Co.) 1 Rose street
I W. H. teacher of drawing, 1 Rose street
I Trades Maiden Hospital, Argyle square — John
I Menzies, 11 Hanover street, treasurer
Trail, Andrew, water officer, 53 India place
. Anthony, esq. W.S. 11 west Maitland street
Train, James, innkeeper, 49 Candlemaker row
Trainer, John, broker, 228 Canongate
Traquhuir, William, builder, 13 Pitt street
Mrs, 45 Minto street
Treasurer, Ken. merchant-tailor, 5 George street
i Trench, James, builder, 26 Royal crescent
I Tress, Thomas (of London Tea Co.), 17 Waterloo pi.
; Trevelyan, Mrs, 23 Regent terrace
j TiUNiTY Hospital, foot of Leith wynd — Robert
: Johnston, 42 North bridge, treasurer
Trotter, Alex. esq. of Dreghorn, 23 George square
Alex, boot and shoemaker, 43 Candlemaker row
George, builder, Rutland st.— ho. 20 Bedford st.
• Jas, writing-master and ace', 10 no. St David -I.
. J. P. esq. advocate, 15 Young street
John, slater, 113 Nicolson street
Richard, esq. advocate, 2G Royal circus
—^ — Robert, flesher, 16 west Richmond street
— — Thomas, jun. esq. W.S. 15 Young street
«- Thomas, esq. 15 St John street
T. flesher, 25 Middle market— ho. 5 no. James st,
. W. upholsterer, 9 Princes street — house 13 Aber-
croraby place
Mrs General, 26 Royal circus
Mrs, 7 lower Gray street
. Mrs, 38 Dublin street
Miss, of Bush, 12 George square
Miss, Blackford, Canaan
Truefitt,W. hairdresser and perukera. 57 &.W Princes St.
Mrs P. milliner & dressmaker, 80 Princes street
Trustees' Academy, Royal Institution, Mound

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