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Thomson Geo. and Son, cabinetmakers and glaziers,
34 Cowgate
George, baker, 2 Elm row
George, baker, 495 Lawnmarket
George, plumber, east end Jamaica street
Henry, tobacconist, 3 Leith street
Henry, carver and gilder, 21 Leith street
Hugh, tailor and clothier, 97 South bridge
James, sen, (of Sir Wm. Forbes,') 2 Scotland st.
— — James, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Home street
—— James, {pi J. Lindsay and Co.), Dairy mills
James, spirit dealer, I Greenside row
James, esq. 1 ] Archibald place
— — James, baker, 12 south College st. — house 15
James, (of Gall and Thomson), Greenside house
James, (of City Cess Office), 22 Elm row
James, candlemaker, 2 Castle barns — ho. 10 St
Anthony place
James, hair- dresser, 131 Nicolson street
James, esq. P.M. Forfar militia, 17 Montague st.
—— James, baker, 7 Charlotte place
James C. flesher, 327 Canongate
J. G. & Co. wine merchants, agents for Royal Ex-
change Assurance Corporation, 15 Princes st.
— — Dr John, professor of medicine and general pa-
thology, 80 George street
——' John, esq. 2 Hamilton place, Newington
John, esq. cashier Royal Bank — ho. Register pi.
John, pawnbroker, 96 High street
John, printer, 1 Milne square — ho. 9 Brown st.
John and Co. booksellers and stationers, and pub-
lishers of the Atlas of Scotland, 32 St Andrew sq.
— — John, tobacconist, 50 Lothian street
John, grocer and spirit merchant, 2 Duncan st.
Drummond place
John, late bookseller, 21 Leopold place
John, clerk of police, 5 west Maitland street
John, baker, 173 Pleasance
Jolin, teacher of music, 35 Broughton st.
-^— John, slater and smoke curer, Bristo port
John, writer, 15 St James square
John, slater, 6 Beaumont place
John, blacksmith, 17 Fountainbridge
John, tea warehouse, 5 Waterloo place
Lewis, smith and ironmonger, 73 St Mary wynd,
— house 5 Roxburgh place
Murray G. grocer, 173 Cowgate
M. writer, 26 Nelson street
Peter, general agent, Lady Stair's close
Peter, rope-maker, 7 St Patrick street
Peter, merchant, 259 High st. — ho. Craig's close
R. esq. advocate, 20 Duncan st. Drummond pi.
Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 8 JMelville st.
house Drumsheugh cottage
Robert, esq. writer, 3 Leopold place
Robert, brush manuf'',14 High JMarket st.— h. 16
Robert, importer of Irish linens, &c. 4 Royal Ex-
change — house 6 Buccleuch place
Robert, hairdresser, 187 High street
Robert, spirit dealer, 15 South bridge
Dr T.[23 Greenside st.— ho. 32 Gayfield square
Thomas, esq. advocate, 127 George street
— — Thos. damask and linen weaver, 93 Leith wynd

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