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Sutherland, Mrs Angus, lodgings, 25 St Jaraes square
Mrs C. 13 Pitt street
Mrs Major, 47 Hope park end
Mrs T. E. 19 Union street
Mrs, straw and leghorn hat maker, 122 Rose st.
— Miss M. straw hat manuf r, 1 1 Calton street
Miss Williamina, teacher of music, 103 George st.
Suttie, Robert, esq. 28 Gayfield square
Miss, 63 George street
Sutton, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 66 George st.
Swales, John, spirit dealer, 48 Hanover street
Swaney, Francis, broker, 143 Cowgate
Swan, D. boot and shoemaker, 123 Nicolson street
Edward, spirit dealer, 113 Canongate
—— James, esq. W.S. 53 York place
James, flesher, 26 and 27 Middle market
-.— J. tanner, Livingston yards — house 5 Archibald pi.
—— James, baker, 18 Dean street
William, writer, 12 Darnaway street
Mrs David, 65 Castle street
Mrs, lodgings, 4 Queensferry street
Miss, French staymaker, 47 George street
Swanson, Hector, esq. late of Excise, 51 Clerk streer
John, esq. 138 Nicolson street
Swanston, J. spirit dealer, 73 Cumberland street
-^— Jas. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 44 Lothian st.
M. victual dealer, 1 1 High street
William, messenger-at-arms. Writers' court
Mrs George, vintner, 58 Leith street
Mrs John, 10 Salisbury street
Mrs, lodgings, 65 Frederick street
Swinton, Archibald, esq. W.S. Dean house
John, esq. 1 6 Inverleith place
Thomas, esq. 6 Pitt street
Wm. artists' colourman and fancy stationer, 60
Princes st. — house 8 south St David street
B Misses M. & J. dressmakers, 8 south St David st.
Sword, Jas. ho. factor and general agent, 6 Hanover st.
Mrs Angus, lodgings, 39 Hanover street
Mrs, 12 Buccleuch place
Sim, Alexander, builder, 6 Montgomery street
Andrew, painter, 29 Richmond place
Henry, saddler, 17 Frederick street
John, of Bank of Scotland, 5 Saxe Coburg pi.
John, lodgings, 198 Rose street
Sime, David, shawl-manufacturer, 126 West port
G. and Son, bakers, 66 Cumberland street
John, recorder of Chapel of Ease, 30 Crosscausew.
John, session treas. of StCuthbert's, 6 King's stab.
Wm. recorder of St Cuthbert's, W. Kirk—ho. 17
Keir street
Mrs John, spirit dealer, 35 Abbey
Mrs, dealer in ladies' clothes, 48 St Mary's wynd
Miss, dressmaker, 17 Keir street
Simes, Mrs, silk and worsted shop, 13 London street
Simm, Mrs E. lodgings, 44 Howe street
Sym, Alexander, esq. 31 Minto street
James, writer, 3 north St David street
Robert, esq. W.S. 20 George square
Syme& Strachan, joiners & cabinetm. 14Broughtonst.
David, esq. advocate, 8 India street
George, gardener, Grange loan

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