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Society for Peopagating Christianity among
THE Jews, 50 South bridge
forPromoting Religious Knowledge abtong
THE Poor, 13 George st. — W. White, treas.
FOR Propagating Christian Knowledge,
49 Queen street — John Tawse, secretary
Edin. Gratis Sabbath School, 150 High st.
— M. Lothian, jun. sec, Wm. Whyte, treas.
Heriot's Benefit, 493 Lawnm. — R. Home, pr.
Naval and Military Bible, 50 So. bridge —
Col. Wilgress & H. Rose, sees, W. Whyte, treas.
Soleman, M. dealer in silk, 17 Carnegie street
Solicitor-General, H. Cockburn, 14 Charlotte sq.
Solicitors OF Supreme Courts — hall 12 R. Exchange
at-Law — hall 322 Lawnmarket
Somervail, David, baker and spirit dealer, 8 Bread st.
John, flesher, 23 Canongate -M
Soraervill, D. spirit dealer, 71 High street "fl
John, jun. S.S.C. 37 Candlemaker row
J. lapidary and mineral-dealer, 18 w. Register st.
Robert esq. near Heriot buildings
Jlrs Robert, stabler, 74 Grassmarket
Somerville, Alex, agent for the True Sun newspaper,
17 Clyde street — house 9 Malta terrace
A. G. (General Post OflSce), 26 James square
Alex, (of Stamp Office), 27 Buccleuch place
And. wire- worker, 105 High st. — ho. 4. James sq.
Andrew, portrait painter, S. A. 4 James square
Daniel, artist, 5 St James square
F. esq. advocate, 10 Stafford street
— — George, stabler, 26 Grassmarket
J. cheese merchant, weigh house, Canal street,
and 1 1 West bow — ho. 1 Mound place
Jas. mason and sraoke-curer, 15 Jamaica st,
John, esq. senior, 7 London street
John, general agent, Leith — house Smith's place
John, painter, 24 Howe street
John, spirit dealer, 49 High street
Robert, grocer, Fountainbridge
]Mrs Robert, 4 middle Arthur place
— — Mrs, 5 Portland place
— — Mrs, 15 Hart street
Miss, 3 Shrub place
Miss, 20 Nelson street
Misses, Silvermills
Sommervail, Mrs, 22 Annandale street
Sommerville, Whyte, & Co. wholesale and retail sta-
tioners, 9 and 11 Blair street
& Grant, wood-merch'^ andundert. 218 Canongate
John, upholsterer, 25 George street
W. (oiSommerviUe, TF7i^fe,i.S- Co.), 2 Buccleuch pi.
Sommers, Wm. esq. Patterson's court, Broughton
Mrs, 13 Abbey strand
Summers, Thos. shawl warehouse, Q5 south Bridge
Sorlie, And. Buck's head hotel & tavern, 85 Princes st.
Souter, D. Robertson, esq. accountant, 11 Gloucesterpl.
James, esq. W.S. SO Northumberland street
Ja. & Fra. G. esqs. W.S. 30 Northumberland st.
John, wright and undertaker, north and south
Thistle street lane — house S Thistle street
William, tailor, 13 Arthur street
Spalding, Andrew, esq. writer, 5 east Brougkton place

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