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Sinclair, John, letter-carrier, 5 Caltonhill
M. cabinetmaker, Fisher's close — ho. 22 Society
William, spirit dealer, 2 Arthur street
William, smith, Chalmers' close — ho. 53 High st.
William, gardener, foot of Horse wynd, Canong.
Mrs, 12 St Leonard street
Miss, of Barrock, 28 Stafford street
Singer, James, esq. W.S. 16 Scotland street
Sinton, John, slater, Pirrie's close
Peter, broker, 49 Niddry street
SivwRiGHT — see Sievwright
Skae, Alex, builder, 3 Moray street
Skeaf, Joseph, quill manufacturer, stationer, and cir-
culating library, 3 Hanover street
Skelton, George, watchmaker, 257 High street — ^house
33 Richmond place
James, esq. W.S. 18 Northumberland street
Skene, Andrew, esq. advocate, 74 Great King street
George, esq. advocate, 46 Moray place
James, esq. of Rubislaw, 46 Moray place
Wm. S. esq. W.S. 46 Moray place
Skidon, Thos. tobacconist, 6 west Register street
Skill, David, mason, 3 Crichton street
Skinner, George, baker, 7 Melville place
James, esq. 4 Salisbury road
John R. esq. W.S. 5 Roxbvirgh place
Skirving, iVIrs, teacher of needlework, 10 George St.
Slater, John, slater, 14 Amphion place
Misses, 12 Union street
Slate, William, esq. accountant, 1 Bellevae crescent
Miss, 70 George street
Sleigh, George, tailor, 15 Buccleuch street
Robert, baker, 3 Glanville place
Miss, dressmaker, 15 Buccleuch street
Slider, Miss, 26 Rankeillor street
Slight and LiUie, engineers, smiths, and brassfounders,
Panmure place
James (of Slight and lAllie), 5 Reid's court
Sligo, George, of Auldhame, esq. W.S. 5 Drummondpl.
John, esq. of Carmyle, 5 Drummond place
Mrs, of Carmyle, 5 Drummond place
Sloan, James, lodgings, 1 8 middle Arthur place
Thomas, shoemaker, 97 Nicolson street
Miss, dressmaker, 97 Nicolson street
Slymand, John, printer, 69 Broughton street
Small, James, esq. S.S.C. 52 Cumberland street
Mark, china, paper, and rag warehouse, 35 Can-
dlemaker row — ho. 1 ^Merchant street
William A. esq. of Overmains, 18 DubHn street
Mrs, 6 Fruit market
Small and M'Nee, coach makers, 35 Rose street
Bruce, and Co. organ builders and music sellers
to her Majesty, 54 Princes street
Alexander, lodgings, 9 JMoray street
David, grocer, 200 Rose street
David, tea, wine, and spirit merch*, 229 Canongate
and 262 Cowgate
George (of Small and Bmcc), 2 Mansfield place
George, commission agent, 23 Downie place
Ja. coal merchant, Port Hamilton — ho. 30 Foun-
Capt.Tho. paymaster, N.B. district, 10 Clarence st.

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