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Scott, Mrs, 50 Queen street
Mrs, 10 St Patrick square
Mrs, 23 George square
Mrs, lodgings, 9 Hill square
Miss Agnes, straw-hat maker, 10 Nicolson street
Miss, of Gala, 48 George square
Miss, of Horsley hill, 16 St Andrew square
Miss, of Wool, 17 Greenside street _^__
Miss, 15 Graham street ~"^
Miss, 80 Lauriston place
Miss, 1 Albyn place
— — Miss, 1 Manor place
Miss, 101 George street [
Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 16 Hill street
— — Miss H. straw-hat maker, 3 north St David st.
• Misses A. and E. 59 Castle street
Misses M. and E. dressmakers, 51 Nicolson st.
's oyster tavern, 6 Shakspeare square
Scottish Bible Society Trustees' Hall, Scott's
close — Rev. Dr Grant, secretary
Equitable Life Insurance Society^ 1
George st.
Friendly Society op Governesses and Fe-
male Teachers, 30 Freder. st. — R. Boog, sec.
Jurist oflBce, Mound place
Naval and Military Academy, Lothian road
Missionary Society's Depository, and Com-
mittee-Room, 17 St John street
—— Union Fire and Life Assurance Office, 47
George street. — See Appendix
Widows' Fund and Life Assurance Society,
5 St Andrew sq. — J. IM'Kean, manager. See Ap.
Scougall & Drysdale, grocers, and tea and coflPee dealers,
223 High street— house 166
George, merchant, Leith, 17 Pilrig street
John, flesher, 20 South market
Scoular, John, leather merchant, 12 Grove street
Mrs, 19 St Patrick square
Scrymgeour, Daniel, city officer, Boswell's court
James, upholsterer, IS^Greenside street
' Wm. late merchant, lane off 17 Duke street
Miss, 1 1 west Richmond street
Miss, milliner, lane off 17 Duke street
Sea Insurance Co. of Scotland, I George street—
R. Gibson, manager
Seaman, Mrs W. B. 5 Ann street
Searcy, Mrs, dealer in vegetables, 25 William street.
Seath, George, Phoenix house of call, Warriston close
Seaton, Alex, grocer, &c. 168 Cowgate
■ James, esq. 24 Warriston crescent
Thomas, lodgings, 10 St Anthony place
Mrs Donald, spirit dealer, 61 Cumberland street
Miss Margaret, 36 Ann street
Misses, dressmakers, 9 Young street
Seton, James T. bookbinder, 6 St Andrew square
Robert, bookbinder and stationer, 3 Mound pi.
Seewald, Geo. tailor and pelisse maker, 1 1 Waterloo pi.
Selby, Robt. B. solicitor-at-law, 11 Hanover street —
house 13 Roxburgh street
Select Subscription Library, 86 South bridge.
Selkrig, Charles, esq. accountant, 8 York place .^^
Seller, Dr William, 25 Society, Brown square
— — Mrs, 25jSociety, Brown square

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