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Pickford, Mrs, 19 Pitt street
Pike and Henderson, Manchester and Glasgow ware-
house, 8 Hunter square
Pillans, Benjamin, tailor, G Union place
Hugh (of II. and J. PiUans), !) Newington pi.
H. and J. printers, 7 James court
— James, esq. Professor of Humanity, 22 Aber-
cromby place
John (of H. and J. Pillans), 1 1 Keir street
Pimlett, Joseph, straw hat maker, 20 Heriot buildings
Pinkerton, Mrs, 2 Causewayside
PiPKR — see under Pi/pcr
Pitcairn, Dr James, 4 north Charlotte street
Dr G. K. surgeon, &c. 50 Castle street
Robert, esq.W.S. 39 Reg. office— ho. 50 Castle st.
W. F. esq. W.S. 37 Dublin St.— ho. 31 Nelsonst.
Mrs, 5 Castle street
Misses, 4 Inverleith row
Pitman, Colonel Robert, C.B. Burnsfield house
Plaine, John F. esq. 8 Wharton place
Piatt, Edward, teacher of music, 8 Hill square
Playfair, Robert, writer, 7 north-west Circus place
William H. esq. architect, 17 Great Stuart street
IMiss, 7 Pitt street
IMiss, 1 Brodie's buildings
Pleasance coal-yard, 40 Pleasance
Plenderleath, Robert, linen manufacturer, 33 North
bridge — house Abbey mount
— — ]\Irs Patrick, 18 Hope crescent
Mrs, 6 Windmill street
Miss, 2 IManor place
Plews, Thomas (of Pitgh and Plews), 8 Elder street
Plimer, A. esq. StaiTip Office, 33 Howe street
Plum, Mrs, Joseph, Lord Nelson hotel, Adam square
Plomer, William, esq. 26 York place
Plummer, Alex, flesher, 14 Middle market
James, flesher, 10 Middle market
John, 1 and 2 Middle market — house Clearburn
Robt. flesher. Middle market
Mrs, of Middlestead, 20 Buccleuch place
Pollands, J. grocer, tea, wine & spirit merchant, 49 Ha-
nover St. and 2 Greenside st. — ho. 43 Hanover st.
Pollock and Co. stationers, 19 Blair street
Alex, coal agent, 134 Canongate
D. dyer, 45 Lothian st. & 20 Horse wynd,Cowgate
David, esq. Bloomberry house, Canaan
David, wine and spirit merchant, 71 York place
— house 5 Picardy place
George, dyer and scourer, 79 Princes street
J. dyer, 23 Dundas street
John, accountant, 5 M'Kenzie place
John, hosier, .33 Nicolson street
John (of Pollock and Co.), Warrender lodge
Peter, farrier, 83 Rose street
■ William, solicitor, 13 York place
Mrs, 18 Duncan street, Drummond place
Poison, Alexander, spirit dealer, 7 Miln's court
Pond, S- merchant, 7 Clarence street
Ponsford, Miss, ladies' school, 27 William street
Ponton, John, late baker, 22 Scotland street
Mungo, esq. W.S. 30 Melville street
— — Thomas, architect, 14 Scotland street
—— - Miss, 7 so. Charlotte street

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