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Patrick, William, esq. W.S. 32 Albany street
Mrs, lodgings, 1 Holyrood street, Carnegie street
Patrickson, Mrs, 4 Castle street
Pattullo, Miss, 38 Ann street
Paul and Mackersy, esqrs. accountants, 17 Howe st.
Alex, baker, 1 south St Andrew street
i James, grocer, 12 Market street
Rev. John, 13 George square
John, spirit dealer, 53 Candlemaker row
R. esq. sec. Commercial Bank, 15 Lynedoch pi.
Robert, esq. W.S. 20 Dublin street
Thos. grocer and spirit dealer, 1 8 so. James st.
Thomson, esq. W.S. 21 Hill street
W. esq. accoun^ 17 Howest. — ho. 46 Melville st.
Mrs Alex, i east Broughton place
]\Iiss Ann, silk and worsted shop, 60 Princes st.
Pawnbrokers' Co. 35 South bridge
Paxton, Rev. Professor George, 12 Archibald place
John, tavern keeper, 399 Lawnmarket
' ■ Samuel, wright, 5 Nicolson street
Peacock, A. and A. tobacco manufacfs, 292 Canongate
— — C. and J. nursery, seedsmen, and florists, Spring-
field and Stanwell lodge — house ditto
■ Henry, tailor and clothier, 51 Hanover street
■ Mrs, lodgings, 51 Castle street
Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 26 Elder street
Pears, James, baker, 108 Nicolson street
■ John, cabinetmaker, 57 north back of Canongate
Pearse, Robert, cabinetmaker, 1 Nelson place
T. E., agent for Curtis and Co. 62 Princes street
Pearson, Wilkie, and Robertson, esqrs. W.S. 17 Royal
Alex. esq. W.S. 17 Royal circus
Pearson, Charles, esq. accountant, 8 Clarence st.
— — Patrick, writer, 76 Queen street
S. teacher of the piano forte, 30 Royal circus
Mrs, 27 Dundas street
— — Mrs, 8 Clarence street
Mrs James, lodgings, 15 Richmond place
Peat, Alex, and Co. wholesale stationers and booksell-
ers, 35 South bridge — ho. 23 Rankeillor street
David, spirit dealer, 17 Gilmour street
' David, fruit merchant, Leith walk
John, of the Customs, Leith — ho. 5 Fife place
■ Thomas, esq. W.S. principal keeper of registra-
tion of deeds. Register office
. Thomas, bookseller, 32 Leith st.
Wm. silversmith, 13 Canal st. — ho. so. Gray's cl.
Miss, 1 London street
Peattie, Alex, baker, 55 Nicolson street
George, bookbinder, 391 Lawnmarket
Robert, builder, 23 Bread street
Miss J. miUiner, 391 Lawnmarket
Peck, Wm. spirit vaults, 309 Canongate — ho. 2*
Greenside place
Wm. and Co. lithography printers, 24 Greens, pi,
Pedie, James, esq. W.S. 14 Albany street
Peddie, David, grocer, 39 Arthur street
Donald S. accountant, 13 Windsor street
. James, jun, esq. W.S. 13 Windsor street
— — Rev. James, D.D. 37 Lauriston place

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