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Muirhead, William, smith, 26 high Calton
Mrs, lodgings, 7 (xreat King street
Miiller, J. M. teacher of music, 11 Darnaway street
Mullo, James, builder, 10 Hill square
]\Iundell, Mrs Capt. 26 Cumberland st.
JMonro, Dr Alexander, professor of anatomy and practi-
cal surgery, 1 Great Stuart street
George, esq. S.S.C. 14 Hart street
"^ George, esq. advocate, 28 Northumberland st.
i ]Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, Rose hall
Mrs, 5 west Adam street
Miss, 25 India street
Munro & Drysdale, messengers at arms, 4> St James sq.
Alex, pawnbroker, 276 Canongate
Alex. esq. 109 Princes street
Alex, builder. Bakehouse close
Daniel, esq. Munro place, Jock's lodge
Daniel, tavern keeper, 24- West bow
Donald, spirit dealer, Campbell's cl. Canongate
George, and Co. painters, 97 High street
George, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Canal street
♦ Hugh, clockmaker, 59 High street
Captain John, 1 Lauriston terrace
John, esq. 31 Buccleuch place
■ John, messenger at arms, and macer in Court of
Session, 4 St James square
Sutherland, cloth &leather capmaker, 97 High st.
W. J. (of Munro ^ Drysdale), 4 St James sq.
■ Mrs John, 7 Rankeillor street
Mrs John, 19 Parkside street
Mrs, spirit dealer, 70 St Leonard street
Mrs, lodgings, 41 Lothian street
Mrs, Munro place, Jock's lodge
Miss, 4 Graham street
Murdie, John, victual dealer, 79 Broughton street
Murdoch, A. spirit dealer, 144 Cowgate
Charles, seal engraver, 5 North bridge
.Tames, baker, 1 Duke street
-' John, tea, wine,& spirit merch', 8i Broughton st.
John, S.S.C. Leith, Stead's place
t/ J. B. esq. advocate, 13 Melville street
Thomas, lodgings, 132 Rose street
Mrs E. spirit dealer, 7 Shakspeare square
Murphy, James, printer, 7 James court
— — Thos. paper and china warehouse, 2 Cowgate
William, engraver and printer, 142 High street
• Murray and Co. combraakers and perfumers, 153 High
street — house 27 St Patrick square
Alex. London comb warehouse, 39 Leith street
Alex, cabinetm. & auctioneer, 1 n. w. Circus pi.
— — Andrew, of Murrayhall, esq. advocate, and she-
riff-depute of Aberdeenshire, 34 Heriot row
i- Andrew, jun. esq. advocate, 32 India street
Anthony, jun. esq. of CriefF, W.S. 14 Stafford st.
Archibald, esq. 14 London street
B. provision shop, 74 High street
C. H. surveyor of taxes, 31 Dundas street — house
38 Gilmour place
David, esq. W.S. 31 Queen street
David, dep. comptroller of Excise, 1 Middleby st.
^— David S. esq. 20 Walker street
— — D. teacher of music, 20 Elder street

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