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Kinnear, John, wooden clock maker, 332 Lawnmarket
lU. stationer, circulating library, and distributor
of stamps, 29 Frederick st. — ho. 1 Claremont St.
Thomas, esq. W.S. 4 Gloucester place
Mrs Ann, lodgings, 7 London street
iirs, Cargiltield
j\lrs, of Kinloch, 4 Gloucester place
Mrs Thomas, 44 jNIelville street
Miss, 13 Union street
Kinniburgh, David, coal- merchant, 10 Port Hopetoun
— house 30 Fountainbridge
Robert, pewterer, 106 West bow — house 101
R. teacher of the Deaf and Dumb Institution,
Distillery park, Stockbridge
Kinninmont, Alexander (of Grinton &^ Kinninmont'),
27 Montague street
Kirk, Jas. and Co. painters and glaziers, 37 London st.
Robert, shipowner, 13 Cassels place
JMrs James, 12 Roxburgh place
Kirkaldy, D. Hearne, esq. 7 Albyn place
. James, esq. 22 Regent terrace
ISIrs of Baldovie, 7 Albyn place
. ■ Miss, 22 Regent terrace
Kirkland, Miss Eliza, 15 Maitland street
Kirkwood, A. die and stamp cutter, 10 n. St And. st.
A. P. tailor, 30 Dundas street
C. of Exchequer, 41 east Claremont street
Henry, seal engraver, 11 south St Andrew street
— house 48 India street
James, and Son, engravers, 11 so. St Andrew st.
James, governor of Bridewell
Rev. James, Itj Gayfield square
Robert, engraver, 11 south St Andrew street —
ho. 12 Comely bank
Mrs James, 24 Gayfield square
Mrs Robert, 48 India street
Jlrs, lodgings, 5 Salisbury street
Miss, 27 Elder street
Kissock, William, writer, 21 Clyde street
Kluth, L. tailor and clothier, 3 Heriot buildings
Knapp, Dr, 9 Duncan street, Drummond place
Knight, Alex, teacher. Canning place
George, tailor, 90 Princes street
George, teacher, 10 George street
George, smith, 16 west Register street
James, spirit dealer, 43 Crosscauseway
Joseph, lock and hinge factory, St John's hill
Knott, John, teacher of music, 2 St Patrick square
Knox, Captain Alexander, 17 Elm row
Alexander, surgeon, 17 Elm row
■ Andrew, esq. 15 Atholl crescent
Arthur, glazier to his Majesty, Albany st. lane
Dr, lecturer on anatomy, 10 Surgeon square-
house 4 Newington place
Fred. John, surgeon, 7 west Preston street
Jas. S.S.C. 14 Thistle St.— ho. 8 Gayfield square
jMajor, Royal Artillery, 7 Howard place
Robert, writer, 30 Royal circus
INIiss, dressmaker, 68 Cumberland street
]\Iiss, 4 Newington place
Kyd, George, grocer, 274 Canongate
Thomas, esq. of Exchequer, 5 Hope p*rk

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