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Imrie, Andrew, grocer, lo!) Fountaiiibricln;e
David, spirit dealer, Ileriot buildings
James, esq. writer, 1 1 Dundas street
William, nesher, St Anthony place
Inch, John, flesher, 4 south Howard place
Inches, A. currier and leather merchant, 51 Niddry st.
Inderwick, Miss, ladies' school, 22 P«.ose street
Industry, House oF, 19 St .lohn street
Infant School, 3Iodel, Vennel
Infiumauy, Royal, Infirmary street
Inglis, Alexander, ailvocate, 43 Charlotte square
. Andrew, spirit merchant, Id Grassmarket — h. Gl
Dr Andrew, surgeon, 11 Albany street
Archibald, bookbinder, 127 Nicolson street
— — Dr Archibald, surgeon, 11 Albany street
' David, tailor, 31 St J\Iary wyud
— — — D. grocer, spirit, and stoneware merchant, 1
Howard street
. George, commission sale stables, 100 Rose street
— house 88 Princes street
George, sen. leather merchant, 112 Lauriston pi.
George, jun. carpet, moreen, and floorcloth ware-
house, 95 Princes st. — ho. 14 Archibald pi.
Harry, esq. W.S. 8 Abercromby place — house
43 George square
H. esq. jun. W.S. 4G Queen street — house 2
Henderson row
H. and Donald, esqrs. W.S. 46 Queen street
Rev. James, 8 Henry street
Jimes and Co. bankers, 7 Hunter square
James, esq. {of James Inglis and Co.), 43 Char-
lotte square
James, esq. IS Leopold place
■ Rev. Dr John, 43 George square
John, builder, 4 Royal circus
John, and Co. hide and leather factors, QQ West
bow, and 85 Constitution street, Leith
. .John, victual dealer, 8 Howe street
<— — Malcolm {o( John Inglis and Co.), 1 Graham St.
William, merchant, 25 Pitt street
William, esq. S.S.C 25 Pitt street
■ William, late of Excise, 51 Hope-park-end
William, gardener, Warriston gardens
William, bootmaker, 15 Howe street
Mrs Colonel, 58 Frederick street
Mrs William, teacher infant school, Reid's close
Miss, 12 Terrace, Leith street
Ingram, Peter, writer, 3 St Eernard place
Innes, Alex. & Co. boot and shoemakers, 311 High st.
Archibald, lodgings, Dairy lane
Charles, plasterer, 153 Rose street
Cosmo, esq. advocate, Ramsay lodge
Robert, portrait painter, 2 Ladyfield place
Tho. esq. W.S. 25 Frederick st. — h. 65 Castle st.
Rev. William, 64 Frederick street
William, W.S. 23 Queen street
Wm. tea, wine, & spirit merch', 14 St Patrick ^q.
i\Irs, Greenhill cottage, Bruntsfield links
' Mrs Robert, 10 Duncan st. Drummond place
Mrs William, 34 London street
Mrs, 14 west Maitland street
— — Mrsj milliner, 4G Nicolson street

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