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Hogg, James, merchant, and coach-office, Newhaven .
. James, flesher, 133 Causewayside
John, of the City Chambers, 7 Scotland street -^
John, livery stables, 16 Scotland street
John, grocer, 40 Fountainbridge
Richard, late hosier, 8 Upper Gray street
Robert, esq. jVIorrison place
Robert, esq. Montpelier
Thos. esq. 6 Claremont st. Saxe Coburg place
Walter, cabinetmaker, 14 Fettes row
. Wm. esq. 16 Duncan street, Drummond place
■ William, lodgings, 7 Hill place
Wm. (of Carfrae and Hogg), 1 1 Hailes street
■ ]Mrs, 1 Dundas street
Mrs, 5 St Patrick square
Misses S. & M. dressmakers, 5 St Patrick square
Hogue, R. surgeon dentist, 14 Hill street
Hoggan, Edward, esq. ^V'.S. 8 Abercromby place
Holdvvay, A. tailor and breeches maker, 10 Hunter sq..
Holmes, Rev. H. house governor, Heriot's Hospital
Holms, J. nail & iron heel manufacturer, 122 W. port
William, broker, 15 Horse wynd, Cowgate
Home, Alexander, esq. 45 George square
David, esq. Grange-side house, Causewayside
Francis, esq. advocate, 29 York place
(reorge, ^vriter, 4 Elder street
George, esq. 13 King place
George, coal merchant, 3Iarket street
Dr Jas., esq. professor of Medicine, 29 Yoik pi.
Dr James, 2 Minto street
Robert, engraver and printer, 493 Lawumarket
Robert, coach guard, 6 Calton street
William, esq. W.S. 10 south Charlotte street —
house 24 Walker street
JVIrs, 40 Great King street
Mrs, 3 Graham street
IMrs, tea merchant, 3 Graham street
Mr?, lodgings, 4 Calton hill
Miss, 76 George street
jMiss, 146 Princes street
Honyman, Lady, 6 Shandwick place
Mrs Thomson, of Mansfield, 3 Rutland street
Hood, James, tailor and clothier, 28 Lothian street
Robert, surgeon, 2 west Nc-wington place
Hope, Right Hon. Charles, Lord President of the Court
of Session, 12 Moray place
James, esq. W.S. 31 Moray place
James, jun. esq. W.S. 44 iloray place — house
Mayfield, Trinity
James, flesher, 5 31iddle market
— ^ James, tailor and renovator, 11 Pitt street
John, esq. Dean of the Faculty of Advocates
Granton — chambers 44 Jloray place
. John, esq. W.S. 31 Moray place
Dr Thos. C. professor of chemistry and chemical
pharmacy in the University, 31 ^Sloray place
Thomas, baker, 8 Catherine street
. Mrs William, 22 Dundas street
■ Sirs, lodgings, 4 Calton street
Airs, lodgings, 35 north Richmond street
— — Mrs Margaret, 14 Clerk street

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