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Greenshields, John Boyd, esq. advocate, 125 Princes st.
Mrs, ladies' nurse, .iO Cumberland street
Gregg, J. boot «S:shoerar, SSLeith st.— lio.3GGeorgest.
iliss, milliner and dressmaker, 3(j George street
Greig and Jliller, silk mercers, 5J North bridge
and ^Morton, esqrs. W.S. S Abercroraby place
— — Alexander, W.S. 51 Queen street
Alexander, esq. accountant, 69 Great King st.
-^ Andrew, cloth merchant, 178 High street— ho.
25 Gayfield square
Andrew, Chain Pier inn, Trinity
. Benjamin (of Gi-euj and Miller), IS Nelson st.
David, late baker, 8 Abbey Strand
James, esq. W.S. 8 Abercromby place-— house 9
James, jun. esq. W.S. 23 Forth street
James, esq. {oi Stamp Ot}ice),A:G Great King st.
James, spirit dealer, 318 Lawiimarket
J.coalmerch', 7 Port Hopetoun — ho. 10 Pilrig st.
John, esq. accountant, 41 east Claremont street
■ John, esq. of Lathangie, 12 Carlton place
■ .loan, tailor, 395 Castle hill
• Tohn, smith, 110 Rose st.— ho. 13 Wellington st.
■ Jn. riding master l\: livery stables, 50 Nicolsonst.
Robert, G.F.O. id east Ciaremont street
Roberr, baker, 2 Canongatc — ho. Lothian vale
■ Thos. writer, Chalmers's cl. — ho. 25 Gayfield sq.
■ Thos. (of Walker and Greig), 5 Buccleuch place
William, smith, 133 Rose street, back lane
William,, plasterer, 3f)0 Castle hill
■ !Mrs George, 16 Drummond ])!ace
]\Irs, lodgings, 32 Queen street
^Irs, 18 Melville street
]Mrs, Quarryholes, easter road
3Iiss Mary, 15 ilontague street
Grig, William, of Exchequer, 25 Pitt street
Gregory, Donald, sec. to the Society of Antiquaries,
10 Ainslie place
Duncan, esq. 10 Ainslie place
• James (of Royal Bank), 27 east Claremont st.
» Dr .James, 10 Ainslie place
J^- .John, esq. advocate, 10 Ainslie place
^' — — John, spirit dealer, 13 Hanover street
Thomas, late shoemaker, 21 York place
T. & W. boot and shoemakers, 55 George btreet
— house 26 Frederick street
Dr William, 10 Ainslie place
William, tinplate worker, 125 Rose street
Mrs Dr, 10 Ainslie place
■ ?Jrs, teacher, Chessels court
» 3Iiss, original instituted repository, 39 Queen st.
Greville, Dr Robert K., LL.D. 1 Wharton place
Grice, Captain Charles, F.I.N. 28 Inverleith row
Grierson, Andrew, clothier, 5 Hanover street
Andrew, jun. W.S. 5 Hanover street
,James, spirit dealer, 4 Bull's close. High street
Roberr, working jeweller, 34. North bridge
■ William, esq. W.S. 22 Northumberland street
Mrs, 22 Northumberland street
■ Mrs, 7 Little King street
■ • Mrs .John, 2 Roxburgh street
Grieve and Oliver, hat manufacturers, 26 Nor. bridge
— »— AijcUeW; esq. W.S. ':i Great (Stuart street

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