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Fisher, Charles, esq. writer, 19 London street
Daniel, esq. S.S.C. 21 Forth street— house 15
John, agent, 6 Cumberland street
John, teacher of English, 6 George street
Fitzstrathern,W'n H.A. Law, genealogist,Trinitycresc.
Fleet, J. A. draper, 363 High St.— ho. 37 Candle, row.
Fleming & Johnston, esqrs. W.S. "21 Northumberl. st.
Alexander, esq. W.S. 2 south Charlotte street
John, flesher, 2 Veal market — ho. Blinkbonny
John, builder, 15 Parkside street
James, surgeon-dentist, 23 William st. — ho. 11.
Robert, esq. 13 Minto street
Robert, esq. W.S. 21 Northumberland street
Thos. billiard- table maker, 17 south St James st.
Thomas, shawl manufacturer, 31 South bridge
— house 24 Salisbury street
Tho. baker, 22 Cowgate — ho. 37 Candlemakerrow
Wm. esq. banker, 3 east Claremont street
Mrs C. 42 Drummond place
Mrs, 36 Moray place
Miss, 2 Brandon street
Fletcher, Angus, esq. advocate, 13 Lynedoch place
Dr .John, 9 Windsor street
.John, tailor and clothier, 49 Thistle street
Robert G. watchmaker, 79 Princes street
W. cabinetmaker, &c. 249 Cowgate, & 82 S. bridge
William, carver and gilder, 1 7 Abbeyhill
Mrs M. A. 1 1 Queen street
Miss, 21 Gardner's crescent
Fiett, Wm. tailor, 59 South bridge
Flockhart, D. and Son, cork manufacturers, 12 Infir-
mary street — house 7 Windmill street
James, smith, 18 west Crosscauseway
Flint, .Tames, civil engineer, 28 Greenside street
Thomas, lodgings, 7 Calton hill
Flounders, Robert, mail guard, 4 Greenside street
Flyn, Mrs Captain, 23 Nelson street
Foggan, Mrs, lodgings, 30 Castle street
Foggo, David, teacher of English and geography, 10
Elder street — house 37 London street
Mrs, teacher of music, 37 London street
Fogo, Mrs, 21 Broughton place
Fontaine, A. and Son, tailors and clothiers, 3 east Re-
gister street
Foot, Robert, fruiterer, 1 and 21 Fruit market
= Mrs, 23 Fruit market
Foote, Wm. esq. Trinity Grange
Forbes, Sir William, .James Hunter, and Co.
bankers. Parliament square
■ Alex, bookbinder, 5 Milne's court
Alex, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 23 Waterloo
place — house 22 St John street
Alex. esq. collector of taxes, 8 th district, 10 north
St David street — house New Laverock bank
A. teacher of drawing, 10 Nicolson st.
Arthur, esq. W.S. 30 Dundas street
Henry, seal engraver and jeweller, 64 Princes st.
Sir John Stuart of Pitsligo, bart. Greenhill
John, teacher, 5 Richmond pend
John, esq. writer, 31 Gayfield square
Patrick, esq. 11 Leopold place
Peter, & Co. wine merchants, 96 South bridge

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