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Diorama, Lothian road
Dippie, G. wright, Charlotte pL— ho. 14. William st.
Dirom, Wm. wright and undertaker, 2 Broughton co.
Disher, R. {oiEdin. Sj Leith Brewing Co.) Playhouse cl.
Dispensaky, Eye and Ear, 405 High street
New town, 4 east James street
Royal, 21 west Richmond street
Western General, 32 Fountainbridge
Diston, J. shoemaker, 4 Shrub place
Dobbie, James, lodgings, 5 Alison square
Robert, clothier, 45 Princes street
Thomas, manufacturer, 27 Sciennes street
Dobson, D. wright & undertak. 20 GiiFord park. — ho. 25.
Nicol, grocer, 192 Rose street
Robert, builder, 19 India street
Miss, dressmaker, 23 Clyde street
Dods, Alex, vintner, 20 south back of Canongate
INIajor George, 23 Howard place
Jos. plumber and glazier, 71 Northumberland
street — house 47 Great King street
Dodds, Andrew, slater, 129 High street
James, baker, 42 St Leonard street
Jno. janitor to the R. C.of Surgeons, Nicolson st.
• John, surgeon, 4 east James street
R. and IM. furnishing shop, and agents for the
Industrious Blind, 57 Frederick street
— — Robert, builder, 44 Howe street
Robert, flesher^ 2 Warriston place
Mrs J., 15 and IG Greenmarket— ho. 187 High st.
Mrs, 18 Greenmarket
Mrs, 27 north Richmond street
Doig & Alex, curriers and leather merch'^^, 51 Westpor t
Charles, writer, 8 Dewar place
John, tobacconist, 7 Breadst. — ho. 1 Lothian road
Don, Alexander, lodgings, 5 Calton hill
R. Douglas, writer, 4 Rankeillor street
William, esq. 4 Rankeillor street
William, bookseller, 1 1 Middleton's entry
Donald, Alex. esq. W.S. 46 Queen street — house 6 St
Bernard's crescent
Captain J. Springfield, Leith walk
Charles, snufF-box maker, 9 Wellington street
Miss, 64 Frederick street
Donaldson and Campbell, esqs, W.S. 124 Princes st.
and Porteous, curriers, 4 Leather court
A. & Sons, tool & globe makers, south Niddry st.
Alexander, tailor, 209 High street
Alexander, bootmaker, 5 west Register street
Archibald, plasterer, 138 Pleasance
Colin, merch. 435 Lawnmark' — ho. 97 West bow
George, grocer, 2 Dundas street
George, jun. ginger- beer brewer. Advocates' cl,
George, wright and undertaker, 1 Elder street
George, wright, 46 Brunswick street
.James, esq. S.S.C. 143 Princes street
James, shoemaker, 1 1 7 Nicolson street
John, esq. advocate, 11 Rutland street
— — John, esq. W.S. 124 Princes street
John H. esq. 57 Hanover street
.Tohn, patten, last, and clog maker, 40 high Calton
John, grocer and spirit dealei*, 16 India place
Robert, tailor, 12 Wellington street
— — > T. last and boot-tree maker, 49 low Calton

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