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Crerar, John, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, 60 So.
bridge, and 1 Newington pi. — ho. ii 3Iinto st.
. P. seal engraver and toy merch*^ 51 Nicolson st.
Cribbes, Henry, gardener, Restalrig
Crichton, Alexander, shoemaker, 5 Alison square
Alex, lithography printer and stationer, 27 west
Register street — house 7 Fife place
Andrew, esq. 29 Brougbton place
David, spirit dealer, 10 Niddry street
Geo. esq, Viewforth, Bruntsfield Links
• ■ Hew, writer, 5 Nelson street
]\Irs, 2 Windsor street
■ • ^liss, 1 Gayfield square
Crighton, James, surgeon, 12 Dean terrace
James, grocer, tta and wine merchant, 4- Glan-
ville place
Thomas, rectifier of spirits, 60 Cowgate — house
49 Lauriston place
W. and ,J. surgeons and apothecaries, 1 Baker pL
William, surgeon, 13 north-west Circus place
I\Irs Captain, 16 Ann street
Cringletie, Lord, 17 Charlotte square
Croal, David, of Caledonian Mercury Office, Craig'scL
J. & W. coach-builders, York lane
• John, coach offices, 2, 11, and 22, Princes street
Crole, David, of Exchequer, 19 GayfiLld square
Croley & Co. stay & corset makers, 4j Princes street
Croll, David, cabinetmaker, 242 Cowgate
Crokat, Miss, 10 Lynedoch place
Crombie, A.sol.atlaw,Wardrop'sct. — ho.42Fountainb.
And.andSon, dyeworkseastend ilerchant street
.John {o{ And. Crombie and Son), 90 Lauriston pi.
Wm. boat-builder, west Gilmour place — ho^l
Brandfield place
3Irs, 90 Lauriston place
Mrs, lodgings, 15 St Anthony place
Crooks, Peter, esq. W.S, 4 Albany street
Peter, gardener. Dean, Water of Leith
Thomas, tailor, 184 Rose street
Cropper, Wm. tobacconist, 47 Hanover street
Wm. painter and glazier, 1 India street
Crosbie, Edward, esq. Grove house
Geo. esq. Sec. to National Bank^ 41 St Andrew %q..
John, surgeon. Grove house
Cross & Carruthers, manuf. jewellers, 21 Elm row
Hugh, esq. 11 west Maitland street
■ ■ !Mi-s, Pilrig street
Crouch, John, basket maker, market stair, X, bridgp
^Vm. general merchant, 40 N. bridge — ho. 8
Crown Office,34 Castle st. Dd. Cleghorn, W.S. agent
Life Assurance Company, 135 Princes street
Crow, .Tames, grocer, Newhaven — house Annfield
Scott, %vright, 22 William street
■ iliss, 20 Charles street
Cruickshank and Son, hosiers and glovers, 57 Greorge st.
■ Alexander, (of Cruickshank and Son,) 9 Lau-
riston lane, Meadowside
— — Edward (of Cruickshank and Son), 59 George st.
James, surgeon and accoucheur-, 9 Hill place
■ John, artist, 85 Great King street
— — R. and Son, tobacconists, 98 High street, and 67
Broughton street'-houEe 58

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