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41 DlllKCTOllY. (^0\V
Corbet, Thos. writer & notary public, 1 7 Roxburgh st.
3Irs, lodgings, -17 Cumberland street
Corbett, William, dentist, ^22 India street
Cordery, James, spirit dealer, '21 Rose street
Cordiner, John, bootmaker, 95 Rose street
Corehouse, Lord, 12 Ainslie place
Cork, John, New University tavern, 44 South bridge
Cormack, Daniel, smith and ironmonger, warehouse
1 Terrace, Leith st. — house 1'2 Shakspeare sq.
■ Dav. esq. writer and accountant, 7 n. St Andrew
street — house 3 Abercrombie place
]\Irs Alexander, midwife, 7'2 Broughton street
■ JIrs D. straw-hat manufacturer. Bishop's close
Corner, Benj. boot and shoemaker, 13 n. Richmond st.
Edmund, printer, 31 ]\Iorrison street
Cornillion, H. teacher of French, 30 Castle street
Cornwall, James, esTj. 1 Pilrig street
■ T. esq. W.S. (of Watt and Cornwall), 1 Pilrig st.
Corrie, Thomas, esq. 36 St Andrew square
Corsar, John, coal merchant, G Port Hopetoun— house
3 Danube st.
Corson, Rev. Geo. teacher of languages, &c. 1 west
Corstorphine, Peter, shoemaker, 15 Calton place
Peter, jun. boot and shoemaker^, 38 w. Register st.
— ho. 7 Crichton street
Cossar, George, lodgings, 14, Frederick street
. William, lodgings, 49 north Richmond street
* iirs, lodgings, 180 Rose street
Cotton, Elijah, esq. Boroughmuirhead
. Geo. tobacconist, 16 Princesst.— ho.STeviotrow
. Ja. tobacconist, 231 High st.— ho. 10 Buccleuch pi.
, W. & Co. tobacco manufacturers, 28 Princes st.
Coulson, John, vintner, 57 North bridge
Thomas, decorative painter, 5 St James square
Coui'ER — see Cooper
CoupLAND — see Copland
County Fire Office, 16 Royal circus
CouHANT counting room, 208 High street, publishing
office, 190,
Court, John, S.S.C. 10 St Andrew square— house 10
Rankeillor street
Cousin, David, cabinetmaker, Newington road
George (of J. and G. Cousin), 3 Johnson's pi.
. James, cabinetmaker, 60 Clerk street
John & G. builders, cabinetmakers, and uphol-
sterers, Silvermills— Courant counting-ioom,
208 High street
John (of J. and G. Cousin), 4 Fettes row
Cousland, Thomas, hairdresser, 7 Church street
Couts, Jos., tailor, pehsse & habit maker, 73 George st.
Coutts, R. and J. bootmakers, 43 London street
Mrs, 13 Gay field square
Coventry, Alexander, painter, 9 north Richmond st.
■ ■ Andrew, esq. advocate, 2 north Charlotte st.
■ Rev. George, 49 Moray place
Mrs Robert, 5 Buccleuch street
Coverlie, Robert, tavern-keeper, 4 Carrubber's close
Cowan and Strachan, silk mercers, 15 Princes street
and Co. paper makers, 17 Princes street
Alex. esq. Moray house, 172 Canongatc
-trs— Duncan, esq, 8 St Jojin street

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