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Clapperton, IVIisses, -W Great King street
(lark & Kough, chairmakers and upholsterers, is
Leith walk
Adam, flesher, 22 Bristo street
Andrew, silversmith, 29 Kichmoud place
Colin, baker, 10 William street
Dr, 56 Lothian street
D. & Co. haberdashers, 23 Nicolson street —
house 9 Hill square
G. & A. grocers, tea, wine and spirit merchants,
1 Elm row, and 33 Broughton street — house 69
■ H. billiard room, 27 Hanover street
James, victual dealer, 22 Pleasance
James, steeple-clock and machinery maker, Old
Assembly close
James, spirit merchant, 57 Pleasance
James, tailor and clothier, 75 Princes street
Lieut. James, 13 Graham street
John, baker, 2G Hanover street — house 27
John (of Citj/ Improvements Office), 4]Mercht. st.
- — - John, grocer, Orchardtield
J. slater, Chessels' co. — zinc wareho. 38 Geo. st.
John, smith, 18 Potterrow
■ John, Venetian- blind maker, Gay field square
' John, plasterer and lather, 16 Broughton street
Rev. John, 5 St John street
■ Robt. spirit dealer and auctioneer, 179 Pleasance
Robert, engraver and printer, 64 Leith street
R. and Co. 29 Hanover street
Robt. (of R. Clark and Co.) 12 W. Maitland st.
Thomas, victual dealer, 12 Greenside place
Thos., law- bookseller, 38 George st. — house 19
Howard place
William, slater, 8 Canal street
William, landscape painter, 6 Castle street
William, grocer, -H west Richmond street
William, cowfeeder, 6 east Adam street
William, esq. Pilrig entry
William, of Courant office, 13 Potter row
Jlrs ^1. shoe shop, 51 Candlemaker row
I'tirs, 118 Lauriston place
it Irs, 38 Rankeillor street
]\Irs, dressmaker, 6 Castle street
iirs John, Old Ship tavern, Newhaven
Jlrs Robert, lodgings, 24 Gayfield square
— — ]\Iiss H. teacher of music, 161 Rose street
Miss, 4 Gayfield place
Clarke, James, and Co. printers. Old Starap-office cl.
las. {of James Clarke and Co.) iOO Lauriston pi.
Robert, esq. of Comrie, 7 Hill street
Clerk, Alex. esq. solicitor-at-law, 17 Union street
Hutchison, and Co. coach builders, Lothian road
John, corn-chandler, 20 Greenside street — house
10 Catherine street
Samuel, accountant, Braehouse, Lothian road
Thomas, engraver, 22 St James square
Thomas, stationery ruler, 41 Lothian street
J( William, esq. advocate, 4 Rose court
^— — Lady Mary, of Pennycuick, 100 Princes street
Mrs, 30 Royal circus
Clarkson, James, esq. 4 Montgomery street
' Jame*-', draper, 8 Charlotte place

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