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Chisholm, Walter^ grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Gilraourpl.
]Mrs and 3Iiss, corset makers, 27 Elder street
3Iiss, dressmaker, 5 Salisbury street
& Fleet, straw-hat manufacturers, 13 N. bridge
Christie, Adam, late teacher, 117 High street
Archibald, writer, 116 Princes street
Charles M. esq. of Durie, 8 Heriot row
Daniel, esq. S.S.C 3 Gloucester place
D. & F. tea, wine, and spirit merchts., 13 Leith st.
Henry, spirit merchant, 43 Lothian street
• James, stabler, 77 Grassmarket
J. & Son, breeches makers and gloTers, 16 George
street — house 20
John, builder, 30 Cumberland street
John, grocer, 18 High street, and 183 Canongate
— house 6 St John street
John, jun. (of Christie and Son), 20 George st.
John, lodgings, 27 Cumberland street
John, surveyor of taxes, Gl Broughton street
John, solicitor, 23 London street
Joseph, superintendent of Children's Hospital,
Bristo port
J. S. esq, 2 Is'orton place
Leslie, bootmaker, 12 Catherine street
Peter, engraver and printer, 108 High street
]{ob', esq. ace', 7 !• Georce st. — ho. 8 Howard place
R. tobacco manufr, 107 West bow— ho. 2 Keir st.
Robert, dealer in teas, groceries, &c. importer of
Avines, 53 Hanover street
Thomas, merchant, 82 High st. and 296 Lawn-
market — house 2 St John street
— — William, upholsterer, 8 3I'Kenzie place
William, wright, Erodie's close
William, brewer, 8 Adam street
^Villiara, writer, 5 Terrace, Leith street
• 3Irs, sen. of Durie, 6 Atholl crescent
■ ]\Irs, of Balchristie, 30 Dublin street
■ 3Irs David, 20 Forth street
■ • Mrs F. W. 17 Norton place
Mrs John, corset maker, 50 George street
]\Irs, 38 Cumberland street
3Irs, straw-hat manufacturer, 4 Terrace, Leith st.
Christison, Dr, Professor of ^Medical Jurisprudence and
Police, 3 Great Stuart street
John, esq. advocate, 3 Great Stuart street
John, mathematician, 50 George street
John, jun., teacher of French and Italian, 50
George street
Christian, James, esq. "W.S. IG south Charlotte street
Chronicle, V/eekly, 78 Princes street
Chrystal, Robert, tobacconist, 205 Canongate
• ]Mrs William, shoe warehouse, 28 Nicolson st.
Circus Place School, 4 north-east Circus place
City School, 30 Niddry street
Claire, ]Madame, teacher of dancing. 59 Frederick st.
Clapperton, A. (of </». Clupperton c\ Co.) 130 George st.
James, grocer, 20 Drummond street
John, & Co. woollen-drapers, 371 High street
John, grocer, 263 Cowgate
■ .John, grocer, 44 Crosscauseway
T. (of Jn. Clapperton and Co.) 39 Lauriston pi.
— — Wm. teacher of French and Italian, 17 (Jeergeti.

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