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Campbell^ ^Irs George, 7 Bellevue crescent
3Irs James, 8 Lynedoch place
Mrs J. K. 28 St Andrew square
]\Irs Dr, 45 Albany street
Mrs Peter, of Dalzell Park, 117 Princes street
Mrs Captain Smollett, 4 Dewar place
Mrs, Craignisb, 9 Warriston crescent
Mrs, of Achalader, 37 Castle street
]\Irs, of Carradale, 12 Howard place
Mrs, of Hallyards, 40 Drummond place
:Mrs, of Kilmartin, 10 ^Maitland street
Mrs, of Ormsary, 17 Heriotrow
]\Irs, of Southhall, 68 Northumberland street
Mrs, midwife and sick-nurse, 35 Bristo street
' Mrs, (sen. of Fairfield,) 71 George street
Mrs T. lodgings, 28 London street
— — jMrs, 2 Kerr street
■ Mrs, lodgings, 90 Rose street
Mrs, 7 Crichton street
Mrs, lodgings, 13 Broughton place
Mrs, 21 Pitt street
Mrs, 33 Dundas street
]Miss E. 2 East Broughton place
Sliss G. 2 London street
jMiss Isabella, 21 Parkside street
]\Iiss L. 42 Charlotte square
Miss, 36 York place
Miss, of Newfield, 12 south St David street
Miss, 35 Heriot row
Miss, 13 Fettes row
■ INIiss, 2 Warriston crescent
Miss, 4 St Colme street
Canada Company fob. the Sale of Lands, 4 Re*
gent terrace, — James Adam, esq. W.S. agent
Canal Co. Glasgow and Edinbukgh, Sanderson's
wharf. Port Hopetoun
Glasgow and Edin. Union, 1 Port Hopetoun
Candlish, W. grocer and spirit dealer, 3 3Iaitland pi.
• William, sen. lodgings, 2 ^Nlaitland place
Candow, Mrs, lodgings, 4 east Broughton place
Cannan, David, esq. surgeon, 30 Clarence street
Horatius, esq. W.S. 17 Clyde st. — ho. 15 How-
ard place
■ William, broker, 81 St ]\lary's wynd
James, broker, 120 Cowgate
Mrs, 15 Howard place
Canning, G. hairdresser andperuke maker. 52 Princes St.
Cant, George, mattrass and basketmaker, 60 Princes st.
and 35 Blair st. — house Allan's court
Cantor, Dr L. 52 Hanover street
Carfrae and Hogg, clothiers, 34 South bridge
George, farmer. Dean
John, and Son, booksellers, 3 Drummond street
John, sen. (of Carfrae §- Son), 8 Salisbury street
• ,Tohn, jun. (of Carfrae t; Son), 8 south Gray st..
M'Duff, bird stuffer, 18 west Richmond street
■ Robert, jeweller, 30 west Register street
Thomas, coachmaker, 112 Canongate
T. surveyor, 12 Royal Exchange — ho. Deanfian^
]Mrs, 37 York place
JMrs W. 1 Queen's place, Leith walk
— — MrS; 112 Cauopgate

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