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Brown, Mrs Johnston, 23 IMaitland street
]\Irs, stone-wareliouse, 27 Dundas street
jMrs, 20 Rankeillor street
Mrs, 3 Saunders street
Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Fountainbridge
• iVIiss, 3 Meadow place
Miss D. 4 Duncan street, Drummond place
Miss H. day-school, 1 Hill square
Miss Isabella, 5 north St James street
Miss C, corset maker, 50 Princes street
Miss, dressmaker, 56 India street
Miss, silk and worsted shop, 5 Frederick street
• Miss, 2 Claremont place
Miss, milliner and straw-hat maker, 9 Circus pi.
• ]\Iiss, 20 Rankeillor street
Miss Elenora, Eden Bank, Canaan
Misses, 10 Merchant street
■ Misses, 139 George street
Browne, Rev. Archibald, 2G Scotland street
^ James, esq. LL.D. advocate, 11 Comely bank
• W. A. F. surgeon, 3 Duncan street, Newington
JIrs William, 3 Duncan street, Newington
Miss E. C. 7 Grove street
Browning, M. late ironmonger, 33 Dundas street
Brovvnlee, George, corn merchant, 30 Lothian street
r= James, advocate, 2 Heriot row
Bruce, Alexander, writer, 12 Queen street
Andrew, gen. agent and coll'' of acc'S 84 High st
■ Archibald, esq. accountant, 3 Hillside crescent
■ C. Tindale, esq. of Falkland, 81 Princes street
■ Charles, tailor, 399 Lawnmarket
Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Albany st. lane
Daniel, tobacconist, 88 Candlemaker row
G. D. bookseller and stationer, 7 James court
. G. G. (of General Post Office), 23 St James sq.
George, baker, 13 Cause wayside
George, messenger-at-arms, 6 James court
■ Henry, cutler and surgical instrument maker, GG
South Bridge — house 3 Drummond street
Hugh, esq. advocate, 39 Jloray place
■ James, organ builder, 21 Leopold place
Jas. wood-engraver & stamp cutter, 3 Potteri-ow
James, baker, 3 St Anthony place
• ■ J. postmaster and livery stables. Mews lane
Rev. John, 43 Lauriston place
John, painter, 23 Dundas street
■ John, grocer and spirit dealer, S Henderson row
John, esq. Canonmills house
John, builder, 16 Bedford street
Colonel Ralph, 22 Young street
■ • Robert, esq. advocate, and sheriff-depute of
Argyleshire, 55 Frederick street
Robert, bricklayer, Reid's close
Thomas, esq. of Langlee, W.S. 2 Glenfinlas st.
Thomas, jun. esq. W.S. 3 Windsor street —
house 15 Brunswick street. Hillside
. W. & J. smiths and beam makers, 8 Paul's work
William, leather merchant, 5 Union place-
house 1 Gay field place
William, wine merchant, 39 Moray place
: Wm. manager of the Perth baking co. Paul's work
— — jMrs Adam, 20 Charlotte square

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