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Berry, William, dyer and scourer, Gl Pleasance
]\Iiss, 26 Calton place
Bartram, James, esq. brewer to his Majesty, and cleik
to the Grand Lodge of Scotland, 80 Pleasance
Bertram, Dr, 2 Wharton place
George, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant,
1 ^M'Kerizie place
James, cowfeeder, 8 south Niddry street
John A. esq. 16 Leopold place
J. P. esq. W.S. 18 Dundas street
■ Peter, importer of wines and spirits, 1 ]\Iainpoint
— house 1 5 Graham street
Wm. millwright, 14 east Sciennes street
Mrs, 35 Lauriston place
]\Irs, Newington house
Misses, of Kerswell, 1 1 Walker street
Berwick, A. and Co. brewers. Gentle's close. Canongate
Alexander, esq. 12 St John street
David , sec, and cash ier Insurance Co. of Scotland ,
38 Cumberland street
■ John, shoemaker, 3 Saunders street
W. esq. Wilson's court, Canongate
Beugo, John, engraver, 54. South bridge
Beveridge, James, esq. W.S. 12 Dublin street
Thomas, esq. D C.S. 14 Dubhn street
Thomas Knox, writer, 14 Dublin street
Thos. spirit dealer, Bonington bridge
:\Irs, 12 Dublin street
Biggar, John, undertaker, 14 Simon square — ho. 128
Nicolson street
Walter, esq. 15 Catherine street
Mrs, bookseller, 5 Lothian street
Binning, Alex. Monro, esq. W.S. 43 Moray place
George Monro, esq. advocate, 43 Moray place
Binnie, John, baker, 43 Cumberland street
.Tohn, flesher, 28 Middle market
.John, Kelso and Dunse coach office, 1 X. bridge
Wm. spirit dealer, 102 West Port
Binny, Graham, esq. W.S. 23 India street — house 5
Danube street
John, esq 1 4 3Ioray place
Bird, J. B . portrait engraver, 55 Cumberland street
William, lodgings, 2 east Broughton place
Miss Hamilton, teacher of drawing, 25 Pitt st.
Birrel, And. currier, 64 Potterrow — ho. 26 Rankeil. st.
Captain David, of EI Co.'s service, 20 Windsor st.
— — David, writer, 7 north-west Circus place
Thomas, esq. 1 1 King's place
Mrs George, 5 Albany street
Bishop, James, boot and shoemaker, 66 Crosscauseway
John, victual dealer, 573 Castlehill
Robert, tea, wine, and spirit merch*, 92 Pleasance
Mrs A. 23 Canal street
]\Irs James, 44 Rankeillor street
]\Irs, lodgings, 72 Northumberland street
Mrs, lodgings, 9 Elder street
Miss, 9 Morrison street
Bisset and Morrison, S.S.C. 9 Union street
David, boot and shoemaker, 15 so. St David st,
John, esq. S.S.C. 9 Union street
Robert, shoemaker, 41 Hanover street
-—I Robert, shoemaker, 3 St James's place

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