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Bell, John, late of Excise, 6 Union place
' John, teacher, Heriot's Hospital
John, grocer and tobacconist, 78 Nicolson street
John, land-surveyor, 2 Nottingham terrace
John, smith, 166 Rose street lane
John B. teacher, 3 St Cuthbertst. Dewarpl.
John, portrait painter, 7 Hill square
— — J. W. lithography establishment, 1. ^larytield
Joseph, esq. surgeon, 29 St Andrew square
Joseph, wigmaker, 340 Lawnmarket
Lachlan, wholesale and retail spirit merch', 79
High street, and 2 Broughton street
Peter (of Bell and Meudell), 17 Archibald place
Robert, esq. advocate, 20 St Andrew square
Robert, hairdresser and perfumer, 1 Duke street
R. F. general commission agent, 5 Union place
— house 13 Gay field square
Stewart, silver plater, 6 iVIilne's court
Walter, shoemaker, 16 Lothian st. — ho. 8 Rox»
burgh street
WiUiam, superintendent, Fei-ryofl5ce,Newhaven
William, architect, 7 India place
\ William, esq. advocate, 10 Nelson street
William, esq. W.S. 10 Queen street — house 9
William, teacher, 9 Hamilton place, Newington
William Gideon, esq. W.S. 13 Pitt street
]\Irs E. 2 Haddington place
Mrs E. china. shop, 18 Tobago street
j\Irs James, Drumsheugh Cottage
Mrs James, t3 east Claremont street
Mrs William, 1 Moray street
Mrs W. 5 Fruit market
Mrs, 16 SaUsbury street
]\Irs, Bellfield, Trinity
INIrs, 12 Duke street
iVIrs, 3 George's place
^liss, dressmaker, 9 James place
^liss, lodgings, 24 Cumberland street
Bellis, Edward, manager Mid I^othian Dairy — house
Meadow Bank
Bendy, E. watch casern aker, 333 High street
Benhara, John B. esq. 25 Gayfield square
Bennet, Adam, tinplate worker, 72 West bow
Archibald, lodgings, 4 north Richmond street
Ed, J. of P. officer, 2 Hamilton pi. Stockbridge
J&s.esq.W.S.^of Robertson (^Bennet),! Fettes tovr
James, hairdresser, 131 Grassmarket
John, hairdresser, 253 Canongate
Wm. esq. W.S. 17 Nelson st.— ho. 30 Howest.
William, silver plater, 70 West bow
Mrs, lodgings, 100 George street
jNIrs, stay and corset maker, 22 Clerk street
Bentley, IMrs, 5 Hill street
Berry, Andrew, esq. 31. D. 52 Great King street
Boswell, plasterer, 65 Nicolson street
George and Co. commission agents andmerchants,
10 Antigua street
George (of George Berry S; Co.), 10 Antigua st.
James, saddler, 4 Bread street
John, brassfounder, bellhanger, and gas fitter, 1
St Andrew's lane
- — Lawrence, plasterer, 18 Broughton street

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