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Beattie, Tlio. builder and valuator, 13 Montgomerie st
William, wrightand wood merchant,23 Bread st.
IMiss, teacher of drawing, 4 Northumberland pi.
Beens, F. L. miniature painter, 19 India street
]\Irs, teacher of painting, 19 India street
Beck, JIrs Alex. 16 Dean terrace
]\Iiss, 6 Stafford street
oMiss, milliner and stay maker, 79 Princes st.
Begbie and Dickson, ironmongers, 16 so. St Andrew st.
Francis, plasterer, 14 north back of Canongate
Dr James, surgeon, 15 Heriot row
James, plasterer, Campbell's close, Canongate
Bichard, boot and shoemaker, 127 Nicolson st.
T. coal-merchant, Railway depot — ho. 22 Society
— . — Wm.{of British Linen Co. Ba7tk),3 Waxristoxi pi.
]\Irs A. 7 Henderson row
Mrs Andrew, 22 Society
ISIrs, 3 Warriston place
Begg, Adam, coal merchant and contractor, 28 St
Leonard st. — ho. 17 Parkside street
Archibald, tailor, 23 Downie Place
Charles, spirit dealer, 78 Crosscauseway
Wm. shoemaker, 14 West Bow — ho. 85
Begley, G. Sheffield and Birmingham warehouse, 24
North Bridge
Begrie, Mrs Isabella, victual dealer, 73 St Leonard st.
Behmer, Fred, corset and habit maker, 19 south 8t
David street
Beilby, Dr Wilham, 33 Great King street
Belches, ]\Irs P. 1 1 Ann street
Belfrage, William, writer, 18 Fettes row
Bell and Bradfute, booksellers, 12 Bank street
and oMeudeU, wholesale and retail ironmongers •
312 Lawnmarket
and Co. lithographers and copperplate printa-s,
1 west Register st.
A. & Son, smiths and furnishing ironmongers, 23
Greenside place
Adam, bootmaker, 87 South bridge
^ Archibald, esq. advocate and sheriff-depute of
Ayrshire, 81. Great King street
Benjamin, esq surgeon, F.R.S. 18 Albany street
Carlyle, esq. W.S. 84 George St.— ho. 7 R. Circus
Geo. esq. surgeon to the King, Newington Lodge
Geo. Gi-abam, esq. advocate, 19 Albany street
"J George Hamilton, esq. surgeon, 13 Castle street
A Geo. Joseph, esq. advocate, professor of the law
of Scotland, -68 Queen street
George, flesher, 3S Pvose street — house 23
George, jeweller, 44 North bridge
y H. G- esq. advoc;ite, 31 Dublin street
Jas. tacksman of Salisbury crags, 46 Abbeyhili
James, smith. Old Gibbet toll
James, beli-hanger, 112 Rose street
Jas. Z. historical and portrait painter, Hadding-
ton — bo. 80 south back of Canongate
James, officer to Society of Writers to the Sig-
net, 2 Romilly place
James, mason, 25 Parkside street
John, esq. jun. W.S. 9 Nelson street
John jM. esq. advocate, 48 Northumberland st-
— — ' John, esq. W.S. 81 Great King street

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