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Alexander, R (merchant, Leith) — house Rose bank
Robert, painter, 25 Scotland street
Robert, agent, 14 Pitt street
T. & J. surgeons & druggists. Si Grassmarket
Thos. (of T. andJ. Alexander), 45 Lauriston pL
William, esq. W.S. 19 Windsor street
Wm., hosier, 98 Nicoison st. — ho. 95 Parksidest*
Z. mercliant, 7 Brown street
Mrs John, 35 Castlebarns
Mrs Martha, 19 Tobago street
^Alison, Archibald, esq. advocate, 7 St Colrae street
Rev. Archibald, 44 Heriot row
Charles, architect, 2 London street
James, shoemaker, 24 Pitt street
James, tailor to the King, 51 Ncrth bridge — house
Montpelier lodge •
James, builder, 13 Gray street
— — Jas., jun. & Co., tailors & clothiers, 55 Princes st,
James, haberdasher, 44 Canongate
John, esq. W.S. 35 3Ioray place
Dr W. P. professor of the institutes of medicine,^
44 Heriot row
Mrs, feather dresser, 41 low Calton
Miss, 41 Queen street
Allison, Andrew, gardener, head of Pilrig avenue
Dr E. D. 14 Northumberland street
James, and Son, vinegar makers to his Majesty,
Allison's place, Leith walk
Wm., engraver, printer, & stationer, 7 Jamaica st»
William B. (of Allison and Son), Allison's place
Allan and Bruce, esqrs. W.S. 3 Windsor street
& Co. coachmakers, Swinton row
Alexander, and Co. bankers, 40 Princes stieet
Alexander, and Co. merchants, 126 High street
Alexander, esq. W.S. 24 Windsor street
X Alexander, esq. advocate, 5 Hillside crescent
Alexander, spirit dealer, 142 Canongate
Alex.instrumentmak. OLolhiaust. — ho.THillsq.
A. F. farmer ,^Vindlestraw lee, Queensferry road
David, teacher, Couper's entry
D?vid, confectioner, 55 South bridge
Donald, fish dealer, 6 Lov/ Calton
.Tames, slater and glazier, 20 Frederick street
James, tailor and clothier, 11 Hanover street
James, wine merchant, Leith. — ho. 3 Hope
street, Leith Walk
J., plumber, 112Xicolsonst. — ho. 5StPatrick sq.
J. and D. cabinetmakers and undertakers, 2a
Church lane — ho. 2 M'Kenzie place
J., English teacher, Heriot's Hospital
J., cabinetmaker & upholsterer, 15 Greenside pL
Robert, and Son, bankers. 11 Royal exchange
A Robert, esq. advocate, 30 Pitt street
Robert, hat maker, 16 Westport
Thomas, and Co. printers and publishers of the
Caledonian Jlercury— office 265 High street .
Thomas, esq. banker, 1 1 Royal exchange
Thomas, esq. 9 Brunswick street. Hillside
William, esq. of Glen, 11 Hillside crescent
William, of Exchequer, 369 High street
William, historical painter, S Scotland street
William, S.S.C 23 Duke street

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