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Craigside, Dumbiedykes lErskine pi. west end Princes st.
Crawford's cl. 8 GcassmarketEsplin's close, S9 Grassmarket
Cricliton's entry, 116 Canon
Crighton st. George sq.
Croft-an-righ, Abbey hill
Crooked-dykes, 02 east Cross
Crosscauseway, south end Ni-
colson street
Crown St. foot of Leith walk
Cumberland street, Duncan st.
to St Vincent street
Cumming's cl. 52 Canongate iFife place, Leith walk
Currie's close, 9-t Grasstnarkei Fingal place, i\Ieadows
Kxchange, Royal, 2iJl H igh st.
Exciseoffice, Drumniond place
Eyre place, Brandon st.
Eyre house, Canonniills
Factory close, 33 east Cross-
Fairholm's close, 17 West bow
Fairley's entry, 184 Cowgate
Falcon hall, Morningside
Fettes row, Pitt street
Curiie's close, JiO Abbeyhill
Dairy lane, by west Maitland
Dalryniple place, Carnegie st.
Danube st. St Bernard's
Darnaway st. west Heriot row
to Rloray place
Davidson's, or White Horse
close, 31 Canongate
Davie st. west Richmond st.
Dean, by Water of I^eith
Dean bank, Stockbridge
JJean street, Stockbridi^e
Dean terrace, Stockbridge
Denholm green, Trinity
Dewar close, 100 West bow
Dewar close, 102 Grassniarket
Dewar place, Tobago st.
Dick's close, 105 Cowgate
Dickson's close, 22i Cowgate
and 118 High street
Don's close, 327 High street
Douglas court, Leith wynd
Doune ter. Gloucester pi.
Downie pi. Port Hopetoun
Drumdryan, Lochriu
Drumdryan lane, Lochrin
Drummond place, foot of Dub-
lin street
Drummond st. Nicolson st.
Drumsheugh, i\lelville place
Dublin street, foot of Duke st.
Duke St. west end York pi
Dumbiedykes, south back of
Dunbar street, opposite Wel-
lington street
Dunbar's cl. 413 Lawnmarket
Dunbar's close, 137 Canongate
Duncan street, Newington
Duncanst. Drummondplace
Duncan's close, 35 Canongate
Dundas street, Abercromby pi.
Dunlop's close, 45 Grassmarket
Echobank, Grayfield toll
Edmonstone's cl. 1 1 2 West bow
Egypt, Morningside
Egypt lane, Grange loan
Elder street, St James square
]ilm row, opposite Gaytieid sq
Elphinstone's crt.sot Gray's c'
Finlay son's cl. 1C4 Canongate
Fisher's close,3 12 Lawnmarket
Fisher's entry, 131 Cowgate
Fir.hrnarkct, Canal street
Fleshmarketdose, 199Highst.
Fkshmarket, FLshmarket cl.
Forres street, north Charlotte
street lo Moray pi.
Forrester's wynd, 98 Cowgate
Forsyth's close, 57 Canongate
Forth street, Broughton strttt
Foulis's cl. north, 229 High st.
Foulis's cl. south, 42 High st.
Fountain close, 28 High street
Fountainbridge, Port Hopetoun
Fountain crt. 113 Fountainbr.
Fleming st. St Cuthbert st.
Francis place, oppos. Sciennes
Frederick street. Prince's st. to
Queen street
Gabriel's road, w. Register st.
Galloway'sentry, 53 Canongate
Galloway's close, 425 High st.
Gardner's crescent, Tobago st.
Gayfield sq. Leith walk
Gavfield place, Gavtield square
Geddes's close, 233 High st.
General's entry, 58 Bristo st.
and 77 Potterrow
Gentle's close, 122 Canongate
George place, Leith walk
George square, 3Ieadows
George st. from St Andrew sq.
to Charlotte sq.
Gibb's close, 250 Canongate
Gibb's entry, 104 Nicolson st.
GifFord park, 72 Hope-park-end
Gilchrist's lane, Greenside row
Gillespie's Hospital, Wright's-
houses Toll
Gilmour place, Lochrin
Gilmore st. Paul's work
Gilmour st. Simon sq.
Gilmour's cl. 99 Grassmarket
Gillon's close, 2C4 Canongate
Gladston's cl. 20 Grassmarket
Glanville pi. Baker's pi.
Gleniinlas st. Charlotte sq.
Gloucester pi. India st.
Gosford's close, 276 Lawnma.
Gothic House, Trinity
Graham street, Lauriston
Grange ToUfield, Grange toll

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