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290 WRI— YEL
Wright? John woollen-draper, 144. High street,
house 9. Greenside place
Wright, John writer, 24. Toddrick's wynd
Wright, Malcolm esq. 1. Moray street
Wright, Ro. architect, 27. Dundas' street
Wright, T. and H. spirit-dealers, 25. Leith street
Wright, Thomas plasterer, at the Dean
Wright, Tho. Guthrie, esq. W. S. Auditor's cham-
bers, 16. Parliament sq — ho. 2. Charlotte square
Wright, Dr William 51. Hanover street
Wright, William tailor, 4. Elder street
Wright, William perfumer, 82. South bridge
Wright, Mrs milliner, Trotter's close, West bow
Wright, Mrs confectioner, 5. College street
Wright, Mrs 21. James' square
Wright, Miss teacher, west entry James' court
Wright, Miss milliner, 4. Elder street
Wylie, Dr Alexander, 45. Northumberland street
Wylie, George agent, 13. Carrubber's close
Wylie, Henry Johnston esq. writer, 50. Northum-
berland street
Wylie, James esq. W. S. 20. Howe street

X air, Mrs Writers' court
Yetts, Fletcher overseer of public wells, and keeper
of the fire-engines, at the Reservoir, 623. Castle-
Yetts, Lieut. John Hope park end
Yellowlees, John painter, 9. West bow

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