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WIL— WIL 287
Wilson, Roger mail -guard, 20. Calton
Wilson, Thomas broker and auctioneer, 75. Cow-
Wilson, Thomas tailor, 8. St Ann street
Wilson, Thomas wright, 55. Thistle street
Wilson, Thomas grocer, east Crosscauseway
Wilson, Thomas 6addler, Grassmarket
Wilson, Thomas mason, 19. south James' street
Wilson, Wm. trunk-maker, 2. West bow
Wilson, Wm. painter, 12. Broughton street
Wilson, Wm. bookseller, 44. George street
Wilson, Wm. currier, Abbey-hill
Wilson, Wm. teacher, Hay street
Wilson, Wm. grocer, 8. Greenside place
Wilson, Wm. esq. W. S. 113. Prince street
Wilson, Wm. plasterer, 122. Rose street
Wilson, Wm. and H. smiths, Greenside gardens
Wilson, William innkeeper, Halkerston wynd.
Wilson, William hairdresser, 10. Mint
Wilson and Steel, dressmakers, 5. South bridge
Wilson, Mrs And. merchant, 288. Lawnmarket
Wilson, Mrs boarding-school, 28. Forth street
Wilson, Mrs Rule, Bank, back of Meadows
Wilson, Mrs milliner, 83. High street
Wilson, Mrs 53. Queen street
Wilson, Mrs Major 19. Queen street
Wilson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 20. east Rich-
mond street
Wilson, Mrs ditto, 10. College street
Wilson, Mrs ditto, 1. Milne's square
Wilson, Mrs ditto, 4. Hope street
Wilson, Mrs 14. Gilmore place
Wilson, Mrs Robert 165. Cowgate
Wilson, Mrs 73. Rose street

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