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286 WIL— WIL
Wilson, Geo. one of the messengers, Bank of Scot-
land, — house ditto
Wilson, George plasterer, Simpson's court, Potter-
Wilson, Hugh and Co. wine-merchants, old Physic
gardens, — house to. Northumberland street
Wilson, James esq. advocate, J 9. Queen street
Wilson, James of Sheriff-clerk's office, — house Gar-
dener's hall, Tobago street
Wilson, James tailor, head of Lawnmarket
Wilson, James baker, 2. Union street
Wilson, James tuner of musical instruments, 4.
Buccleuch street
Wilson, James shoemaker, 32. Calton
Wilson, James ditto, 85. Fountainbridge
Wilson, James weaver, 7. Orchardfield
Wilson, John flesher, north Canal street
Wilson, John butcher, 105. Rose street
Wilson, John town-officer, Roxburgh close
Wilson, John grocer, 1. Catherine street
Wilson, John baker, 52. Nicolson street
Wilson, John teacher, 6. east Register street
Wilson, John constable, 3. Bristo street
Wilson, John janitor, College, — house ditto
Wilson, John broker, 273. Cowgate
Wilson, Macdougal hairdresser, 2. St Mary wjmd
Wilson, Nathan livery stables, 158. Rose street
Wilson, Nicol flesher, north Canal street
Wilson, P. merchant, 2 George place, Leith walk
Wilson,. Robert mason, Lauriston lane
Wilson, Robert esq. accountant, 105. George st.
Wilson j Robert hatmaker, 171. Canongate
Wilson, Robert cabinetmaker, Windmill street.-
Wilson, Robert seedsman, 3. east Register street

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