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amson, Robert architect and general factoi*,
14 Richmond place
Williamson, Samuel esq. 8. George street
Williamson, Wm. writer, 25. York place
Williamson, Mrs Capt. Newington
Williamson, Mrs grocer, 4. High street
Williamson, Mrs 56. Potter-row"
Williamson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 83. Rose st.
Williamson, Miss 35. Queen street
Willis, David slater, 303. Cowgate
Willis, Mrs 27. Dundas' street
WilHson, David printer, Craig's close
Willison, Wm. plasterer, Potter-row
Willison, Mrs 15. Buccleuch street
Wilson and Graham, lathers, 122. Rose street
Wflson, Adam writer, 4. St James' square
Wilson, Adam session- clerk, — office Covenant close
Wilson, Andrew Newcastle glass warehouse, 19.
Greenside street
Wilson, And. flesher, 2. Gray street
Wilson, And. spirit-dealer, 97. Cowgate
Wilson, And. smith, in the Mint
Wilson, And. and Co. brewers, West port
Wilson, And. wright, 377. High street
Wilson, Archibald tea dealer, 2. Greenside street
Wilson, Charles solicitor, 24. Greenside place
Wilson, David slater, Cowfeeder-row
Wilson, Francis esq. W. S. writing chambers, 10.
Parliament square, — house 17. Buccleuch place
Wilson, Fraser of the Excise, 2. ditto
Wilson, George writer, Writers' court
Wilson, George meal-dealer, 85. High street
Wilson, George esq. 13. Forth street

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