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280 WEI— WES
Weir, Capt. of Marines, Drumsheugh
Weir, Thomas writer, 15. west Chapel street
Weir, Walter painter, Toddrick's wynd
Weir, William undertaker, 12. Union street
Weir, Mrs John 62. Hanover street
Weir, Mrs merchant, J 0. Charles' street
Weir, Mrs furnished lodgings, 10. south Hanover
Weir, Miss 13. south Charlotte street
Welch, George contractor, 19. St Patrick square
Welch, James late baker, Gosford's close
Welch, John glover, 21. North bridge, — house 13.
Carrubber's close
Welch, John hide surveyor, Cant's close
Welch, Robert esq. 9. Northumberland street
Welch, Robert writer, 12. Castle street
Welch, Mrs 7. Crichton street
Welch, Mrs Robertson's close
Welsh, David esq. W. S. 65. Northumberland st.
Welsh, John esq. W. S. 56. Queen street
Wells, John coach-hirer, Bristo port
Wemyss and Walker, esqs. W. S. 55. George st.
Wemyss, Andrew and Co. manufacturers, Vennel,
West port
Wemyss, David esq. W. S. 55. George street
Wemyss, David tea and spirit dealer, Watergate
Wemyss, John glazier, 49. Thistle street
Wemyss, O. H. esq. advocate, 32. Dublin street
Wemyss, Right Hon. the Earl of, 64. Queen st.
Wemyss, William baker, 16. Hanover street
Wemyss, Mrs 1 0. Horse wynd, Cowgate
West, Jas. painter, S. James' place, — shop Brough-
West, Morris esq. 23. New street

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