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WAD— WAL 273
addel, Andrew wright, Abbey-hilJ
Waddel, James writer, 25. Dundas' street
Waddel, Thomas spirit-dealer, 78. St Mary wyncl
Waddel, Wm. manager for his Majesty's printers,
— house Ramsay garden
Waddel, Wm. wright, 27. Cowgate
Waddel, Mrs 2. Carnegie street
W T addel, Miss mantuamaker, Exchange
Wade, Mrs 2. Heriot-row
Waldie, Arch, stone warehouse, 10. Thistle st.
Walker and Greig, printers, Parliament stairs
Walker and Hutton, engravers and music printers,
Fowlis' close
Walker, Moiison and Co. Fife tap-room, Calton
Walker and Urquhart, general agents and auc-
tioneers, 56. South bridge
Walker, A. B. surgeon and druggist, 65. South
bridge, — house 200. Canongate
W T alker, Alex, esq, 21. Queen street
Walker, Alex, wine-merchant, 11. Brougbton
Walker, Alex. esq. lecturer on anatomy, — lecture
room, 13. High school yards
Walker, Andrew saddler, Main point
Walker, Andrew shoemaker, 1. Bristo street
Walker, Capt. James 17. west Nicolson street
Walker, Francis esq. W. S. 69. Queen street
Walker, Gabriel coachmaker, 10. St Ann street

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