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Taylor, George coal-merchant, Main point
Taylor, George shoemaker, 259. Cahongate
Taylor, James slater, Paul's work
Taylor, James tailor, 61. St Mary wynd
Taylor, James bookbinder, Kintore's court, Lucken-
Taylor, James furnished lodgings, 8. North bridge
Taylor, James grocer, 1. Simon square
Taylor, John spirit-dealer, 80. West port
Taylor, John of the Exchequer, — house 3. Hart
Taylor, Joseph spirit-dealer, Stockbridge
Taylor, Paul writer, 18. Dundas' street
Taylor, R. F. wine and spirit merchant, Merchant
Taylor, Robert builder, 34. Rose street
Taylor, Robert and Co. general agents, 10. Ca-
therine street, — house ditto .
Taylor, Thomas flesher, 12. Fleshmarket close
Taylor, William grocer, 29. Canongate
Taylor, William broker, 236. Cowgate
Taylor, William mason, 225. Canongate
Taylor, William flesher, 4. Canal street
Taylor, Wm. brass-founder, 55. Blackfriars' wynd
Taylor, Wm. horse-dealer, 91. Rose street
Taylor, Mrs Patrick furnished lodgings, 25. south
Richmond street
Taylor, Mrs 3. Hanover street
Taylor, Mrs Taylor's land, head of Pleasance
Taylor, Mrs 13. St Patrick square
Taylor, Mrs Blair's close, Castlehill
Taylor, Mrs furnished lodgings, 6. Lothian street
Taylor, Mrs 30. James' square
Taylor, Misses J. and F. grocers, Crosscauseway

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