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250 STE— STE
Steel, John smith, High school close, Canbngate
Steel, John wholesale toy-shop, 47. Prince street, —
house west Canal street
Steel, John tin-plate worker, 224-. Canongate
Steel, John writer, 29. Frederick street
Steel, Peter painter, middle of* Leith walk
Steeh Robert grocer and spirit-dealer, 8. Bristo st.
Steel, Thomas flesher, Canal street
Steel, William tin-plate worker, 63. Grassmarket
Steel, Mrs grocer, 6. James' square
Steel, Mrs of Gadgirth, 13. Frederick street
Steel, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1 1 . Roxburgh place
Steel, Mrs Intelligence-office, 68. Rose street
Steele, John confectioner and grocer, 17. Prince str.
— house 16. ditto
Steelle, John carver, gilder, and printseller, 44. Leith
street, — house 20. Caltonhill
Stein, John esq. distiller, Canonmills
Stein, Robert porter-brewer, old Playhouse close j
Canongate, — house 20. St John street
Stenhouse, Dr Alexander 3. north James' street
Stenhouse, Andrew furnished lodgings, 8. Thistle
Stenhouse, John tailor, 24. Ruccleuch street
Stejihouse, John baker, 14. High street
Stenhouse, M. merchant, 31. Gayfield square
Stenhouse, Will, accountant, 7. Richmond court
Stenhouse, Mrs Capt. 28. Castle street
Stephen, George ironfo under, Tolbooth wynd, Ca-
Stephen, Richard land-drainer, Queensferry street
Stephen, Mrs furnished lodgings, 24. Bristo street
Stephen, Mrs trunk-maker, 317. High street
Stephen, Miss mantuamaker, 54. Rose street

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