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Eastern, John wine and spirit dealer, 253. CoWgate,
— house 12. Nicolson street
Easton, Tho. stockingmaker and baker, 26. Rich-
mond place
Easton, Mrs furnished lodgings, 30. Rose street
Easton, Mrs 25. James' square
Easton, Mrs James 132. George street
Eckfoi'd, Mrs 15. Broughton place
Edgar, John wright, 4. east James' street
Edgar, John accountant of Excise, Ladyfield place
Edgar, Mrs 27. Mary place, Stockbridge
Edinburgh Shoe Blacking Manufactory, 10. St
Leonard's hill
Edington, James hairdresser, 166. High street
Edington, Jo. tea and spirit dealer, 198. Canongate
Edington, Mrs 1. St John street
Edington, Mrs Simpson's court, Potterrow
Edmonds, Mrs 7. Tobago street
Edmonston, Alexander silversmith, 258. Canongate
Edmonston, Thomas ironmonger, 116. West bow,
— house 5. Merchant street
Edmonston, Mrs 19. Libberton wynd
Edmonston, Miss 23. George street
Edward, John boot and shoe maker, 62. Leith st.
Edwards, Thomas spirit-dealer, 36. Hanover street
Eeibeck, William lapidary, 187. High street
Elder, Adam late baker, Burnet's close
Elder, Adam carver and gilder, 37. North bridge
Elder, John writer, 48. Frederick street
Elder, Peter shoemaker, 22. Leith street, — house
10. Caltonhill
Elder, Robert grocer, 2. Howe street
Elder, Robert accountant, Gilmour place
Elder, Mrs tea-dealer, head of Reid's close

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