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Drysdale, Mrs grocer, 4. Moray street
Drysdale, Mrs furnished lodgings, 7t. Rose street
Drysdale, Mrs grocer, wester Crosscauseway
Drysdale, Miss 22. Society
Ducatel, Miss French teacher, 3. St David street
Duddingston, Admiral 4. Heriot row
Dudgeon, Lockhart manufacturer, 150. Pleasance
Dudgeon, Mrs 62. easter Crosscauseway
Dudgeon, Miss milliner, 3. Greenside place
Duff, Adam esq advocate, 95. Prince street
Duff, Alex, guard of Dalkeith coach, 2i. Pleasance
Duff, John spirit-dealer, 1. Potter- row
Duff, John measurer, 10. Catherine street
Duff, John furnished lodgings, 9. west Chapel str.
Duff, John town-officer, West Bow
Duff, Peter grocer and spirit-dealer, 33. Bristo st.
Duff, Peter furnished lodgings, 35. ditto
Duff, Tho. London hotel, 22. St Andrew street
Duff, William vintner, (Successor to Mrs Martin),
Covenant close
Duff, Mrs Alexander spirit and porter dealer, 3.
Carrubber's close
Duff, Mrs Captain 9. Castle street
Duff, Mrs 8. Young street
Duffin and Co. vinegar manufacturers, Palace yard
Dufour, L'Abbe French teacher, 28. Clyde street
Dufre^ne, F. French teacher, 10. Terrace
Dumbreck, John coachmaker, west Register street
Dumbreck's hotels and lodgings, St Andrew sq.
Dumbreck, Mrs furnished lodgings, 65. Prince st.
Dun and Son, teachers of dancing, 23. James' sq.
Dun, Hamilton mason, Lady Stair's close, Lawn-
Dun, Mrs 24. Dublin street

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