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Carstairs, D. gardener, Marshall's entry, Leith
Carstairs, John combmaker, 4. Richmond pend
Carstairs, Lindsay copperplate printer, 53. High st.
Carstairs, William combmaker, Leith walk
Cartwright, John spirit-dealer, 71. Canongate
Cathcart, James wine merchant, Leith, — house 14.
Gayfield square
Cathcart, Mrs Gayfield house
Cathcart, Miss 18. Hill street
Cassie, Arch, furnished lodgings, 47. Thistle st.
Catto, Miss 35. Hanover street
Cauvin, John spirit-dealer, 172. Cowgate
Cauvin, Joseph esq. W. S. 43. York place
Cauvin, Louis French teacher, 219. High street
Caw, Alexander bookbinder, Warriston's close
Caw, George printer, 30. Libberton wynd, — ho.
40. Fountain bridge
Cay, John esq. advocate, 1 1 . Heriot-row
Cay, John tin-plate worker, 57. Calton
Cay, Mrs R. 11. Heriot-row
Cess-office, 1 1 . Bank street, Lawnmarket
Chadwick, James wholesale flannel merchant, 98.
South bridge
Chalmers, Alex, wright, 56. Potter-row
Chalmers, David baker, 15. George street
Chalmers, Geo. plumber, Weir's close, Canongate
Chalmers, James solicitor, Chalmers' close
Chalmers, James lint manufactory, 111. West port
Chalmers, John lint dresser, 70. West bow
Chalmers, Robert spirit-dealer, 205. Cowgate
Chalmers, Thomas ironmongery warehouse, 1 . Lo-
thian street, —work-shop and house 37. Potter-

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