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Dalgleish, Mrs, 6 Leopold place
Dalgleish, Misses, 22 Dudley grove
Dalgleish, Misses, 43 Falcon avenue
Dalgleish, Miss Darcy M. R., scientific dress-
maker, 15 Broiigham street
Dalgleish, Miss, apartments, 23 Union place
Dalgleish, Miss, 6 Perth street
Dalgliesh, Mrs A. E., 86 Leamington terrace
Dall, David, 3 West Preston street
Dall, David, church officer, 60 Inverleith row
Dall, David, 8 Northcote street
Dall, David, 7 Comely Bank terrace
Dall, David M., 14 Wardie avenue
Dall, George E., accountant, F.S.A.A., 30 St
Andrew sq. ; house, 36 Regent st., Portobello
Dall, J. M., 33 Lomond road
Dall, William, hairdresser, 187 Causewayside
Dall, William, 56 Lochrin buildings
Dall, William Christie, solicitor, 16 Young s,t. ;
house, 92 Comely Bank avenue
Dall, Mrs Thomas, 9 Kingsburgh road
Dall, Mrs, 16 Bruntsfield avenue
Dall, Mrs, 169 Great Junction street
Dall, Misses, 41 Newington road
Dall, Christina, 189 Gilmore place
Dallas, Forbes, & Co., W.S., 27 Charlotte sq. ;
Telegraph, ' Advisers ' ; Telephone, 2101
Dallas, Alastair, W.S., 27 Charlotte square;
house, 14 Grosvenor street
Dallas, Alexander R., 3 Bowhill terrace
Dallas, Alfred, 117 Warrender Park road
Dallas, J. D., advocate, 8 Hope street; house,
14 Grosvenor street
Dallas, Mrs J., 12 Carnegie street
Dallas, Mrs L., 77 Causewayside
Dallas, Mrs, Deanbank House, Deanbank lane
Dalling, George, 5 Eglinton street
Dalling, James, blacksmith, 33 Rossis place
Dalmahoy, Jas. A., W.S. (Coican & D.), 31
Charlotte square ; house, 50 Manor place
Dalmahoy, Major-General Patrick Carfrae (H.M.
Indian Army), 13 Buckingham terrace
Dalmahoy, Misses, 13 Lynedoch place
Daley Corporation Baths, Caledonian cres.,
A. J. Baillie, superintendent ; house, 29
Dairy Fruit Bazaar, 148 Dairy road
DAIiRYMPLE, JOHN, & CO., wholesale
tea, cotfee, and cocoa dealers, and essence of
coffee manufacturers, 1 and 2 Johnston ter. ;
Telegraph, 'Dalrymple'; Telephone, 740
Dalrymple, James, 37 Falcon avenue
Dalrymple, John M., 19 Bellevue crescent
Dalrymple, Thomas, 21 Cathcart place
Dalrymple, Wm., 3 Comely Bank row
Dalrymple, William, 7 Heriothill terrace
Dalrymple, William, 13 Bruntsfield place
Dalrymple, Mrs, 19 Comely Bank road
Dalrymple, Mrs, 24 Lygon road
Dalrymple, Miss, 149 Morrison street
Dalton, George S., 5 Hartington gardens
Dal ton, Robert, traveller, 5 Hartington gardens
Dalton, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Sciennes
Daly, William, teacher of music, 38 Dublin st.
Dalyell, Lieut. -General, 10 Merchiston crescent
Dalziel & Swanuey, blacksmiths, 5 St Andrew
street, Leith
Dalziel, Alexander, coachman, 74 Canaan lane
Dalziel, Charles L., C.A., 46 Castle street;
house, 8 Belgrave place
Dalziel, Frank J., 2 Plewlands terrace
Dalziel, George, AV.S. , 66 Queen street; house,
25 Drumsheugh gardens
Dalziel, G. F., W.S., 66 Queen street; house,
24 Coates gardens
Dalziel, H. H. {G.P.0.),'i7 M'Donaldroad
Dalziel, James S., W.S., 22 Hill street
Dalziel, John, M.D., 29 Merchiston crescent
Dalziel, John, 76 Marchmont crescent
Dalziel, M., dairy, 90 Leamington terrace
Dalziel, R., stationer, 40 a Tolbooth wynd
Dalziel, Robert, 1 Cambridge street
Dalziel, W. A., 52 Elm row
Dalziel, W. M'Kenzie, 42 Dudley avenue
Dalziel, William B., 24 Thorntree street
Dalziel, Mrs, 76 Thirlestane road
Dalziel, Misses R. and A., ladies' outfitting ware-
house, 13 Queensferry street
Dalziel, Misses, 1 Cambridge street
Dalziel, Misses, 25 Mentone terrace
Dalziel, Miss K. , milliner, 17 Queensferry street
Dalziel, Miss Marion, A.R.C.M., teacher of
singing and pianoforte, 25 Queensfeny street
Dambmann, H., teacher of music, 22 Duke st.
Dand, James, insurance clerk, 12 Montpelier
Dand, Mrs, 80 Montpelier park
Dandie, Alex. 0., joiner, 18 Cowan road
Dands, M. k S., fruiterer and greengrocer, 20
Raeburn place
Dane & Co., printing ink and varnish manufrs.,
3 East Register street ; Maxwell Cowan,
Daniel, Thomas H., B.A,, 8 Bruntsfield gardens
Daniels, William, tobacconist, 16a Broughton
Daniels, antique bric-a-brac furnisher, 16 and
18 Lady Lawson street
Danielson, Mrs, dining rooms, 123 Rose street
Danish Butter Company, 8 India place, Edin-
burgh ; 244 High street, Portobello ; and
176 High street, Falkirk ; Geo. R. Jamieson,
9 Moston terrace, proprietor
Danish Creamery Co., 135 Gorgie road ; Thomas
Foy, manager
Danish Dairy Co., 63 Easter road, 132 Constitu-
tion street, and 7 Ferry road
Danish Dairy Produce Co., 11 India place
Danish Produce Co., 97 Pleasance
Danzig Steam Packets Oifice, 16 Bernard street ;
James Currie & Co.
Darg, Thomas, 9 St James' place
Darge, John, 52 Easter road, Leith
Dargo, J. H., golf club and ball maker, 8
Barclay terrace
Dargvie, Agnes, dealer in smallwares, 4 Mul-
berry place
DAiMEN PRESS {Edinhurgh Co-operative
Printing Co. Limited), 5, 6, and 6a Bristopl. ;
John S. Common, manager ; Telegraph, ' Print-
ing' ; Telephone, 699
Darling Brothers, butchers, 9 Henderson row
Darling, Alex., J. P. {Henry, D. d: Co.),
23 South Oswald road
Darling, A. , 2 Mulberry place
Darling, J., 2 Mulberry place
Darling, John, gardener, 30 Rosebank cottages
Darling, Dr John M., medical practitioner, 116
Marchmont road

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