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80 J
CRAIG, J. & M., Ltd., manufacturers of fire-clay
goods, also sanitary and plumbers' earthenware
and glazed wall tiles ; works, Hillhead and
Perceton Fire-Clay Works, and Longpark
Sanitary Pottery, Kilmarnock ; also Lilliehill
Fire-Clay Works, Dunfermline ; depot, 194
Dairy road ; A. Urquhart, agent ; Telephone,
Craig, Andrew, 13 Marchmont crescent
Craig, Arch, , 38 Fountainhall road
Craig, Arthur {D. C. & Son), 60 Castle street ;
house, 34 Comely Bank avenue
Craig, Charles, commercial traveller, 5 Thirle-
stane road
Craig, David Dow, stationer and newsagent, 21
Strathearn road
Craig, D. Millar, teacher of violoncello, 1
Westhall gardens
Craig, George, hairdresser, 6 West Nicolson st. ;
house, 8 Roxburgh terrace
Craig, George, architect and surveyor, 85 Duke
street, Leith ; house, St Helens, Russell pi.,
Craig, George, shoemaker, 33 Chambers st. and
42 West Crosscauseway ; ho. 23 St Leonard's
Craig, George, 27 Alva place
Craig, George, 12 Gorgie road
Craig, Geo., 2/7 Dr Begg's buildings
Craig, George, 14 Ryehill place, Leith
CRAIG, G-. D., tailor and hosier, 109 George
street ; house, 14 Blackford road
YORK PLACE (Telephone, 57; Telegraph,
'Curators'); house, 27 Abercromby place
(Telephone, 1330)
Craig, James, 18 Dundonald street
Craig, James, M. A. , registrar of births, deaths,
and marriages, 16 E. Preston street; house,
22 Rutland square
Craig, James, 5 Bernard terrace
Craig, James M., Ewingfield, Craigentinny,
Jock's Lodge
Craig, James M., manufacturers' agent, 25
North Bridge street ; house, Ewingfield,
Craig, J., house painter and drysalter, 88 and
90 St Leonard's street
Craig, J. MiUar, teacher of singing, 11 Nelson st.
Craig, Captain John, 16 Gillespie crescent
Craig, John, M.B., Ch.B., 71 Bruntsfield place
Craig, John, engineer, 129 Gt. Junction street
Craig, John, 29 Drumsheugh gardens
Craig, John R. , Bonnington Grove villa
Craig, John W. , bootmaker, 51 St Patrick sq. ;
house, 177 Pleasance
Craig, John W., 14 Roseburn place
Craig, M. Millar, advocate, 11 Nelson street
Craig, Peter, fishmonger, 137 Gilmore place
Craig, R. {G.P.O.), 6 Spottiswoode street
Craig, Rev. Robert, D.D. {Bristo Place Cong.
Union Church), 18 Buccleuch place
Craig, Robert, 153 Ferry road
Craig, Robert, 63 South Clerk street
Craig; Robert A., C.A., 22 York pi. ; Telegraph,
' Check ' ; Telephone, 1171 ; house, 137 Colin-
ton road
Craig, Robert J., com. trav. , 13 Marchmont cres.
Craig, Samuel, engineer, 146 M 'Donald road
Craig, Sterling, M.A., LL.B., S.S.C, 140
Princes street ; house, 18 Buccleuch place
Craig, Thomas, S.S.C. {Gornillon, G. <fc Thomas),
41 Gilmour road
Craig, Thomas, 20 Bruntsfield avenue
Craig, Tom, teacher of music, 22 Rutland square
Craig, Walter, 23 Marchmont road
Craig, AV. Cumming, 9 Learmonth terrace
Craig, W. F. Scott, Registrar, Royal Infirmary
Craig, WiUiam, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., lecturer on
Materia Medica, 71 Bruntsfield place
Craig, William, clerk, 6 Gayfield street
Craig, Wm. N., 9 Gibson street
Craig, Wm. W., 5 Maurice place, Blackford Hill
Craig, Mrs Cunningham, 14A Dublin street
Craig, Mrs C, Mirror Laundry, Jock's Lodge
Craig, Mrs David, 14 Howe street
Craig, Mrs George, 101 Bruntsfield place
Craig, Mrs I., 14 Arthur street
Craig, Mrs Margaret, 168 Bruntsfield place
Craig, Mrs William, 4 Marchmont street
Craig, Mrs, 22 India street
Craig, Mrs, 18 Queen's crescent
Craig, Miss Annie M., 169 Colinton road
Craig, Miss B. R., fancy draper and milliner, 72
Nicolson street
Craig, Miss, 113 Marchmont road
Craig, Miss, milliner, 14 Howe street
Craig, Alice, modiste, 103 Bruntsfield place
Craigdallie, T., pipe-clay manufacturer and
firewood merchant, 146 Canongate
Craigie, Adam, 50 Rosslyn crescent
Craigie, David, dairyman, 13 Dorset place
Craigie, David, 41 Comely Bank avenue
Craigie, Henry N., clerk, 83 Brunswick street
Craigie, Herbert, 10 Blackwood crescent
Craigie, J. H., sub-inspector of schools, 7 Cluny
Craigie, James, 5 Comely Green place
Craigie, John, K. C. , 9 Wemyss place
Craigie, Neil, 15 Viewfoi'th
Craigie, Neil P. R., joiner and cabinetmaker, 38
Merchiston avenue
Craigie, Thomas D. , M.A., headmaster. Castle-
hill school ; house, 120 Craiglea drive
Craigie, Mrs R., 5 Comely Green place
Craigleith Poorhottse, Crewe road, Comely
bank ; Robert Young, governor ; Miss Ross,
Craigleith Station ; William Thomson, station-
master, Queensferry road
Craiglockhart Poorhouse ; William Bennett,
governor ; Miss E. F. Lawrie, matron ;
Telephone, 405 Central
LIMITED, French cleaners, carpet beating,
cleaning and scouring, W. Savile ter. ; J. L.
Couper, manager ; Telephone, 655 ; James
Maxtone Graham, C.A., sec, 123 George st.
Craigpark Whinstone Quarry Co., quarry-
masters and contractors, 21 Port Hamilton
Craigside Envelope Co., The, 92 Dumbiedykes
road ; Telegraph, ' Craigside ' ; Telephone,
Craik, Andrew, railway guard, 6 Albert place
Craik, Andrew, tobacconist {successor to Robert
Beveridge), 3 Leith street and 11 and 13
Waterloo place
Craik. Andrew, 37 M'Donald road

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