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Cooperwaite, Thomas H., 85 Comely Bank road
Copeland, John, 23 Inchvie-w' terrace
Copeland, William, 6 Primrose terrace
Copeland, Mrs, 11 Craighouse terrace
Copenhagen and Christiansand Steam Packet
Office {James Gurrie & Co.), 16 Bernard st.
Copenhagen Glove Depot {N. F. Larsen <fc Son),
42a Princes street
Copestake, Crampton, & Co., lace manufactiirers
and warehousemen, 17 South St David
Copland & Berrie Ltd. , merchants, importers and
exporters, 28 North Bridge
Copland, Alex., 87 Glendevon place
Copland, George, 44 Murrayfield gardens
Copland, Robert, 7 Leslie place
Copland, T. M. Watt, 44 Montgomery street
Copland, Mrs D. , 6 Garscube terrace
Copland, Mrs Mary, dress and mantle maker,
15 Chapel street
Copley, Mrs A., 13 Spottiswoode street
Corbet, Mrs Patrick, 35 Panmure place
Corbett, W. A., 51 Easter road
Corbett, Mrs, The Bower, Bonnington grove
Corbett, Mrs, 5 Great Stuart street
Corker, Col. T. M., principal medical officei-,
Scottish command, 22 North Bridge
Cormack Brothers, grocers and wine merchants,
7 and 9 East London street
Cormack, James, & Co., merchants and ship-
owners, 7 John's place, Leith ; Telephone,
787; Telegraph, 'Cormack, Leith'
Cormack, Adam, tailor and clothier, 52 Brough-
toQ street
Cormack, Alexander, 17 Lonsdale terrace
Cormack, Alexander, 25 East cottages, Granton
Cormack, Alexander, joiner, 69 Buccleuch st. ;
house, 18 Livingstone place
Cormack, Alexander Campbell, shipowner, Riga
Steamship Office, 7 John's place, Leith ; ho.
11 South Gillsland road
Cormack, David A., dentist, 8 George square;
Telephone, Central 2133
Cormack, D. A., consulting engineer, 7 John's
place, Leith ; house, 17 Abercorn terrace,
Cormack, D. G., wine merchant and grocer, 54
Grove street ; house, Juniper Green
Cormack, D. R., 13 Spottiswoode road
Cormack, D. Stewart, 16 Dalziel place
Cormack, Donald, 1 Heriothill terrace
Cormack, George, 20 Gosford place
Cormack, George D. , 22 Portland place
Cormack, James, 3 Annandale street
Cormack, James, merchant and shipowner, 22
Glencairn ci'escent
Cormack, John, educational publisher, 28
George iv. bridge
Cormack, John, dairykeeper. East Silvermills
lane ; house, 105 Henderson row
Cormack, John A. {of J. H. Tod & Co.), stock-
broker, 62 Hanover street ; Telegraph,
'Brevity' ; Telephone, 272 and 272a; house,
Belgrave road, Corstorphine
Cormack, Robert, 48 Princes street
Cormack, Robert {Charles Jenner «£,• Company),
Cotswold, Barnton avenue, Davidson's Mains ;
Telephone, 242y1 Central
Cormack, William, 1 Thistle place
Cormack, Mrs George, 35 Barony street
Cormack, Mrs James, dairy, 33 Roseneath ter. ;
house, 16 Roseneath place
Cormack, Miss Mary {teacher, George Watson's
College for Boys), 9 Parkside terrace
Cormack, Miss M. W., 9 Woodburn terrace
Cormack, Miss, dressmaker, 57 Mayfield road
Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, 31 and 35 Grass-
Cornell, Miss, certificated ladies' nurse, c/o
Mrs Riddell, 60 Grange road
Corner, James, 22 India street
Corner, James M., draughtsman and wood en-
graver, 14 Scotland street
Corner, J. L., butcher, 52b Fountainbridge ;
house, 3 Brougham place
Corner, Peter, cabinetmaker, 4 Montpelier
park ; house, 168 Bruntsfield place
Cornet, Francis, 17 Barony street
Cornet, James, 5 Bowhill terrace
Corneille, David & Co., sole agents for Liebig's
Extract of Meat Co. Ltd., Oxo, and Lemco, 8
North Bridge street
Cornelius, J. R., teacher of music, 10 Dalziel
Cornfoot, J., 31 Beechwood terrace
Cornillon, Craig, & Thomas, S.S.C. and N.P.,
15 South Chai'lotte street
Cornillon, Mrs H. W., 1 Dundonald street
Cornish, Henry Bowater, engineer, Laurel bank,
Corns, Miss M., 21 London street
Corporation Model Lodging House, Parliament
street, Leith ; H. Stead, manager
Corrigal, James, 4 Starbank road. Trinity
Corrigall, Alfred, 30 Bruntsfield gardens
Cori-igall, David, 3 Viewforth square
Corrigall, Mrs, 47 Polwarth gardens
Corsane, James H., engineer, 2 Gosford place
Corson, Lockhart D., S.S.C. {Macandrew,
Wright, <fc Murray), 19 Crawfurd road
Corson, William, ironmonger, 62 Raeburn place ;
house, 86 Comely Bank avenue
Corson, Mrs, 153 Dalkeith road
Corson, Isabella, 52 Morningside road
Cosens, Rev. Alexander Thomson, 17 Hope
Cosens, P. Hunter, W.S., 26 Frederick street ;
house, 17 Hope terrace
Coskry, Da.yid {Goods agent, Caledonian Railivay
Co., Leith) ; house, 30 Darnell road
Cossar & Noble, clothiers and drapers, 105 South
Bridge street
Cossar, Gilbert, wholesale provision merchant,
40 Mitchell street ; house, 9 Summerside pi.
Cossar, James, 53 Bel ford road
Cossar, James C, 3 Mertoun place
Cossar, John J. , 8 Croall place
Cossar, Mrs, 11 Bruntsfield gardens
Costa, Augustine, 14 Brunton place
Costa, Julius, 15 Dunedin street
Costa, Peter, grocer and wine merchant, 47
London street ; house, 17
Cottar, Charles, teacher of boxing ; house, 47
M'Douald road ; gymnasium, 84 Leith street
Cotter, William Edward Pearson, clergyman,
75 Morningside road
Cotterill, Joseph Montagu, M.B., CM.,
F.R.C.S.E., surgeon, 24 Manor place

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