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Cossar, Gilbert, 9 Summerside place
Cossar, Gilbert, wholesale provision merchant,
40 Mitchell street; house, 9 Summerside
Cossar, James, 53 Bel ford road
Cossar, James C, 3 Mertoun place
Cossar, John J. , 8 Croall place
Cossar, Mrs, 11 Bruntsfield gardens
Costa, ATigustine, 17 London street
Costa, Julius, 15 Dunedin street
Costa, Peter, grocer and wine merchant, 47
London street ; house, 17
Cotter, Charles, teacher of boxing, 105 Mont-
gomery street ; gymnasium, 84 Leith street
Cotter, William Edward Pearson, clergyman,
75 Morningside road
Cotterill, Joseph Montagu, M.B., CM.,
F.Pi.C.S.E., surgeon, 24 Manor place
Cotterill, Jliss Anna Piobina, 12 Atholl crescent
Cotton, George, k Son, tobacco manufactui'ers,
100a Princes street
Cotton, D. N., C.A., 9 North St David street;
house, 9 Cobden crescent
Cotton, George (C cfc So?i), 26 Mayfield terrace
Cotton, John, tobacco and snutf manufacturer, 7
Frederick street ; factory, 1 Abbeymount
Coull, Charles, 1 West Norton ]ilace
Coull, George, D.Sc, 5 West Claremont street
Coull, James {Church Officer, St David's Church),
Gardner's crescent
Coull, James, caretaker, 14 Picardy place
Coulson, A., 5 Bowhill terrace
Coulston, William, 3 A^iewforth square
Coulter, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant,
65 Gorgie road ; house, 8 Harrison road
Council Chambers, Edinburgh, High street
Council Chambers, Leith, 31 Charlotte street
County Directory of Scotland, office, 107 Princes
COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, Edinburgh Branch,
123 George street ; manager, Willi;im Sime,
C.A. ; Telegrams, 'Bringloe,' Edinburgh;
Telephone, 291. JJ^See Adv. index
County Hotel (Jag. Brown), 19, 21 & 27 Lothian
County and Municipal Record, The, S N. Bank
County Police Office, Lieut. -Col. A. Borthwick,
Chief Constable for the Lothians and Peebles-
shire, County buildings ; S. Wright, superin-
Coupar, John, 57 Merchiston crescent
Coupar, I\Irs George, 9 Coltbridge avenue
Coupar, Miss, 1 Argyle place
Couper, Chas. Tennant, advocate, 3 Charlotte
Couper, D. R. , 5 Laverockbank avenue
Couper, George A., cabinetmaker, upholsterer,
and house agent, 72 Gilmore place
Couper, George A., 16 ilontpelier terrace
Couper, James Sangster, marine engineer, 66
Hay terrace
Couper, John Charles, W.S., 29 Rutland
square; house, 14 Henderland road, Murray-
Couper, J. L., manager, Craigmillar laundry.
West Savile terrace ; house, 1 9
Couper, John G., W.S., N.P., 13 Rutland
Couper, Robert (/. <i: W. Campbell <t Co. , Gla.s-
yow), 30 Hanover street ; house, 145 Brunts-
field place
Couper, Mrs, 6 Tarvit street
Couper, Mrs, 7 Melgund terrace
Couper, Mrs, dairykeeper, 13 East London street
Couper, Mrs, 59 Dumbiedykes road
Couper, Miss J. T. G., 48 Blacket place
Coupland, Robert, 12 Leith Street terrace
Courtenay, James W., advertising agent, 34 St
Andrew square
Courtneidge, Mrs, 9 Comely Bank avenue
Courtney, Graham, concert and variety agent,
16 Broughton place
Cousin, Ormiston, & Tajdor, architects, sur-
veyors, and valuators of buildings, 140
Princes street
Cousin, G. & R., railway and public works
contractors, 14 Waverley market; yard, 172
Easter road
Cousin, John W., 58 Nevvbattle terrace
Cousin, Robert {(?. tfc H. C), Clunevale,
6 Esslemont road
Cousin, Mrs, 11 Greenhill ten-ace
Cousin, Mrs, 24 Hugh Miller place
Cousins, George, joiner, 32 Pitt street ; house,
28 Kemp place
Cousland, Charles J., 91 Bellevue road
Cousland, C. W., 24 Gilmour road
Cousland, Mrs, 17 Jordan lane
COUSTON, JOHN, law, manufacturing, and
wholesale stationer, 11 to 15 Waterloo place ;
house, 10 Moston terrace
Couston, Miss, 15 Thirl estane road
Coutie, A., & Son, joiners, cabinetmakers, and
showcase makers, 42 Pleasance
Coutie, A. {M'Gilvray & C), 11 Roxburgh
Coutie, James {A. C. dk Son), 17 W. Preston
Coutts & Palfrey, S.S.C. and N.P., 24 Alva
street ; Telephone, 2088
Coutts, J., & Co., glass merchants and glaziers,
14 Lochrin place ; house, 53 Viewforth
Coutts, P., & Sons, coal merchants, 55 Black-
i'riars street
Coutts, Rev. Alfred, B.D. {SoiUh Leith U.F.),
8 John's jjlace
Coutts, Andrew {G.P.O.), 111 Montgomery
Coutts, Andrew M., 9 Forth street; house,
The Loan, Dalkeith
Coutts, Charles, blacksmith, 16 Coniiston
Coutts, C. S., confectioner, 39 Grindlay street
Coutts, Daniel, 30 Alva place
Coutts, James, S.S.C. and N.P., 24 Alva
street ; house, 10 Corrennie gardens
Coutts, James, teacher of drawing, 21 iloat
Coutts, James W., tailor and clothier, 8 Yeaman
place ; house, 4 Downfield place
Coutts, John, dairyman, 3 Bonaly road
Coutts, John, 53 Viewforth
Coutts, John, 68 Montpelier park
Coutts, Robert {Hogij d- C), 61 North Frederick
street ; house, 5 Almond Bank terrace
Coutts, Thomas A., 12 Royal Park terrace
Coutts, William, 74 Craiglea drive

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